MCAT Past Papers Help to Get Admission In Medical Colleges


For taking admission in any medical college or a dental college, an important test is required that is called Medical college admission test (MCAT). To pass MCAT entry test, the students have to fulfill the requirements then they can get the admission easily in any desired institution. MCAT Past Papers are very helpful for passing the test in first attempt. The responsibility of all arrangements for the test are controlled by Provincial Government. The objectives of MCAT test is to analyze the candidate’s knowledge in physics, chemistry, analytical writing and verbal reasoning.

Rules for Admission in Medical College

  1. Before starting the MCAT entry test, University of Health Sciences conducts a seminar for pre medical students in which the students and the parents can participate.
  2. MCAT entry test timing is 9:00 am it is conducted in Lahore, Bahawalpur, Rahim Yar Khan, Multan, DG Khan, Faisalabad, Gujrat, Gujranwala, Sargodha, Sahiwal, Rawalpindi and Hasan Abdal. All medical candidates have to appear in this entry test according the regulations of PMDC.
  3. The students who have the domicile of any district like Punjab, Gilgit Baltistan, Islamabad, or they are overseas Pakistani and foreigners are eligible for the MCAT entry test.
  4. Candidates have to pass this entry test with minimum 60% marks. The students who are waiting for their matriculation result can also sit in the MCAT entry test if the principal of their intermediate college issues him/her a certificate.
  5. University of Health Sciences or some colleges provide an entry test kit which includes an introductory booklet, application form and admit card. The charges of this entry test kit are 1000 rupees.
  6. From there the students buy the entry test kit, they have to submit the applications in same institute. Then the institute issues an admit card to the candidates on the scheduled date.
  7. According to the rules of PMDC, the students of Punjab or Islamabad have to obtain 80% marks for the admission in medical or dental college in Punjab.
  8. After obtaining required percentage, the merit is decided and the formula can be seen MCAT-FAQ.
  9. Admission kit is available from University of Health Sciences, Nishter Medical College Multan, and Rawalpindi Medical College. Students have to submit the attested documents for this kit. These documents are Matriculation result card, Intermediate result card, Entry test result card and Domicile.


MCAT test is taken under the supervision of Ministry of Health. The result of entry test is yearly declared before 31st October according to the rules of Pakistan Medical and Dental Council (PMDC) and then the candidates must have to submit the result to (PMDC). This is the responsibility of Provincial Government to arrange MCAT test according to the scheduled date and time.

The Scores of MCAT

The MCAT test has three multiple choice sections and it ranges from 1 to 15. The written section ranges from lowest to highest and this section is checked by human reader and after this, it is checked by computerized scoring system. Human reader checks the essay two times and then it is checked by computer system.

MCAT Test Weight Age Formula

To apply for MCAT there should be the result of matric 10%, result of intermediate is 40% and MCAT test result should be 50%. With this result, an applicant is eligible to get the admission in the Medical Colleges. There are 220 multiple choice questions in this test including 88 MCQs for Biology, 58 Chemistry, 44 Physics and 30 for English and the correct answer has 5 marks and wrong question scores -1. The candidates have to attempt all the questions within 2 Hr. 30 minutes.

How Past Papers of MCAT are Beneficial for Test?

When the students started their studies for MCAT tests, they can’t find the way to get help about the upcoming test. Then they can get a healthy option of past papers from internet. These past papers are also have importance for the students of MCAT and they get benefit with these papers. These past papers works in the gaps of the student’s knowledge and also turn their weakness into strength. Past papers help the students to acquire the paper attempting techniques. By using these past papers, students get comfort to achieve their goals and they can overcome that part of studies that are most challenging for them.


These papers give the students a time frame in which they have to complete their test and also help them in solving their study related problems and test their knowledge and understanding. These past papers are important because these papers have been used in previous years tests and give the ideas to students what the paper pattern is?

How can Students get the MCAT Past Papers?

The students can get these past papers from the experienced professors of some academies and colleges. Otherwise they can take help from some known helping books available in the market. The easiest way to find these past papers is interne, students can get the past papers easily from the internet. There are many websites that provide the past papers for MCAT test some of them are , , . . Having look on these past papers, students can get better grades for the Medical College Admission Test.

How Important are the Past Papers for MCAT

  1. Past papers guide the students to know about the structure of the questions and what they are asking in the question.
  2. By using the past papers students come to know how the test is marked and there is no option to over writing in MCQs. A deep look to past papers guide them to understand the question and then select the right option.
  3. Students get the idea to what time limit will they have in the MCAT entry test so that they can solve the paper in the fix time.
  4. Students should try to find past papers as many as they can. They should try to search every website to find this test pattern.
  5. By studying these past papers, students get the ideas about the knowledge they don’t have and they can perform well and can get better grades.faislabad

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