Kalar Kahar Best Place to Travel in Pakistan


Kalar Kahar Lake or Jheel is subdivision of Chakwal District in Punjab, Pakistan. It is beautiful valley and pick nick spot thought it’s not like other valleys like Naran Kaghan in Pakistan. It is surrounded by many beautiful spots like Natural Parks, Lake or Jheel, Peacocks, Khewra Salt Mine, Katas Temple Hindu God Shiva (10th century AD), son of Abdul Qadir Gilani’s Shrine, Neela Wahan are valuable pieces of architecture and history.

Kalar Kahar Pakistan

Kalar Kahar Lake is beautiful city of Punjab chakwal district also famous for its dishes and beautiful villages. It is located 125 km away from Rawalpindi city at a height of 4500 and has round about 284 villages. It is named after chief Chaudhary Chaku Khan the senator of Minhas tribe from Jammu. Chaudhary Chaku Khan founded it during era of the Mughal Emperor Zaheer-u-deen Babar in 1525 CE. For many centuries it remained a small central town of Dhan Chaurasi Taluka. It was declared the Tehsil Headquarters during the British era, in 1881. In 1985 this place was finally upgraded to district status.

Kalar Kahar Picnic Spot

It is spectacular eye catching place to visit. This picnic spot is full enjoyment and home of many resident ducks and birds migrate from the northern areas. There are many rides and swings available for kids and elders to enjoy full time. Like all picnic spot hotels and restaurants are available to kill hunger of the visitors. Whole lake surrounded by lush green mountains with a broad blue sky with white clouds give a beautiful view.

Kalar Kahar Picnic Spot image

Kalar Kahar Lake/ Jheel Chakwal

Boats are also rented and available for the visitors to sail here. Covering area by it is 4.25 km. Lake water is salty because of Khewra salt mines range. Lake and other associated wetlands of it & chakwal support unique diversity of flora and fauna.

Kalar Kahar Lake Chakwal image

Kalar Kahar Park

By Government of the Punjab at kalar kahar Jheel small amusement park is available to entertain kids. But unfortunately only a few Jheel Chakwal entertainment and amusement opportunities are available.



At the top of the hills famous shrine (Darbar) of Abdul Qadir Gillani’s two grandsons is situated and a lot of people do visit here. At shrine visitors can buy handmade and antiques decoration pieces. Visitors can buy handwritten names of ALLAh and Prophet Muhammad (S.A.A.W) on shells from Souvenir Stall. Wood toys and carrying bags for girls and womens are available to buy in reasonable prices.

Kalar Kahar Shrine image

Kalar Kahar Peacock

There are hundreds of peacocks that you can find out there. Usually peacocks of lake remain hide and come in night because they are afraid of peoples.

kalar kahar peacock image

Kalar Kahar Motorway

The M-2 motorway in the Punjab province of Pakistan is 367 km long connect Lahore with Islamabad. M-2 Motorway Kalar kahar is consider as one the most dangerous road in the Pakistan for drivers. Commonly people call this route by different names like Mout Ki Wadi (Salt Range, Motorway). Kalar Kahar Motorway is one of the most expensive motorways in Asia and it has the highest pillared bridge in Asia near Khewra Salt Range. According to motorway police there have been 350 accidents on salt range because of continuous slop so be careful check very slight weakness in your vehicle before planning to visiting it.

Kalar Kahar Motorway


Kalar Kahar distance from Lahore

The traveling distance between Lahore and Kalar Kahar Cantt is 257 km. Our beloved readers you can visit this awesome place to enjoy it estimate time of traveling is only 3 to 4 hours only.

Kalar Kahar distance from Lahore image

Kalar Kahar Science College

There is also Science College and Cadet College made in 1998 near the Lake. Cadet College and Science providing medical engineering plus cadet courses to students.

Other Places near Kalar Kahar

Many other place are also available near Kalar kahar that visitors can visit.

Katas Raj Temple

Katas Raj Temple is a Hindu temple situated in Katas village near Choa Saidanshah in the Chakwal district.

Kalar Kahar to Katas Raj Temple image

Khewra Salt Mines

Second visit Khewra Salt Mines which is the oldest salt mine of the sub-continent. There are 18 working levels and salt is 98% pure, cumulative length of all drivages is more than 40 km. Khewra Salt from mines come in different shades transparent, white, pink, reddish to beef-color red.

Kalar Kahar to Khewra Salt Mines Image


Neela Wahan

Neela means Blue and Wahn means Water Pond. It is a village near to kalar kahar which is full of waterfalls and water ponds. It is located on Khushab road, and the distance between kalar kahar and neela wahan is 20 km.

Kalar Kahar to Neela Wahan image