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Are you seeking jobs in Pakistan? Of course! As I did the post of how to Find Work “whatever” in Pakistan, this time I will tell you how to work in a skilled position.

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If you are looking for ways to find a qualified work tools PAKISTAN but left perhaps my experience could be of help. From experience I know it is not easy to settle in an unfamiliar city looking for a job where a person with our academic qualifications required, and also we are the chosen person.

Now, do not get discouraged because it is very possible to have certain tools to achieve your aim. Eager and an average level of English is sure to find the job you’re looking for . I will begin by naming certain aspects that are essential for this and some that probably do not fall into the account now while you start reading my article. Let’s start!

4 Basic Requirements for Getting Qualified Jobs in PAKISTAN

Personal Achievement

Without wanting to improve yourself there’s nothing to do! When we decided to get a job in country to seek a skilled work it is because we have closed the doors on our own or because in our current job we are not sufficiently valued or paid.

At least that was my case, however yours may be a very different and still not wanting to excel and an adventurous attitude that is not possible, so if you decided to find new job in PAKISTAN it is because you do not have any fear to grow professionally and probably also on a personal level.

Level of English Medium High

You need a medium-high level of English to defend yourself in your work and in your everyday life. To maintain a fairly fluid conversation with a boss or a coworker is essential for you to do your job as a professional in the PAKISTAN. If you do not handle well the English do not worry, there are no barriers more than we set ourselves.

In my case, I before traveling to Lahore did with a series of books to learn English on my own and perfect the basic English that had school. You have other options like having a private academy or a teacher / owners, but I think it is totally dispensable extra spending.

Validates your title

As you’re looking for it is to work in the PAKISTAN of thing you should know if you need to validate your title to exercise your work.

You should know that depending on the title that you own and the company you want to work you will need or not to perform this procedure. The best way to know what situation you find yourself is through the website of the PAKISTAN. You can check by mail and inform you about possible costs and tasks you should perform to get your complete validation.


A good Curriculum Vitae

In the PAKISTAN you will never be called to an interview if you do not have real chances of being hired. In this capital is usually not call for an interview more than 10 people per seat, hence the CV is so important: if you sell yourself well, you will open the doors.

As a tip I say it’s better to take your time and prepare your resume thoroughly with all that entails translation, since using Google Translate, all you get is to reject the option of being interviewed.

My Tips to Find Qualified Job in PAKISTAN

Well, we’ve reviewed the most important aspects to find a skilled Job In PAKISTAN. These are to have a high level of personal achievement, have a Middle English, validate your title and have a good CV.

However, as I said earlier there are some also important aspects that you may not have come to realize until now that you remember some things that are of utmost importance.


As goes the job you seek will need to take to update your accounts and manage the money you have to have to start your career in Pakistan, so ideally your arrival get a room in a shared flat. Ideally, the first day passes in a hostel or hotel (depending on your budget) and have at least a few days to choose the room that most interests you and place you cause better impression.

Mobile Phone Number English

My advice is to ask and your sim-card of an English number (quiet, you send it to Pakistan free) so you can put on the resume and start sending. I already advance that a “rare” number nobody will call and will directly go to the next candidate.

Traumata your Health Card

To have the same health benefits we have in our country it is necessary that the Pakistani health card procedures. This is a simple and free process that you will not take more than five minutes and once done will be completely quiet in terms of health concerns.

Some extra tips…

One way to know the job offers is using the job search web Plus using keywords related to your profession. For example, looking nurse (nurse / a, administrative / a, medical, etc. ATS in Pakistan) in the Universal and you will a lot of offers related to your work. He looks good, right? Test it!

Also, you can use other web pages focused on finding employment in the PAKISTAN. You lose nothing by taking a little time in Internet search engines and on the Country, you can find the job for which you have been preparing for all these years.

In addition to searching through internet I advise go through all the companies that are related to your profession. There you will deliver your resume as I have mentioned in one of the preceding paragraphs.

Finding work in Pakistan from abroad

If you are not Pakistani citizen need a work permit and a residence permit

The steps you have to do depends on your nationality.

The steps that have to perform if you are looking for work in Pakistan vary depending on your nationality. If you are a citizen of the Pakistani or have dual nationality will not need any special permission.

If you’re not on the other hand EU citizen or do not have dual citizenship you will have to get a work permit and residence in Pakistan. You must initiate this process in the Pakistani consulate in your country. If you get a job, the employer to hire you finish the steps in the Pakistan province where the company is.

See the catalog of difficult coverage.

Your chances of getting a job in Pakistan are greater the fewer workers want the job. You will find a catalog of difficult coverage. Sign up for these job openings. You’ll be enhancing your chances of getting a job.


Prepare your CV and write a cover letter.

The job search process is the some’re in Pakistan or abroad. Make your resume and prepare a cover letter. After signup in several job search portals and sign up offers that fit what you want.if you don’t have idea how to prepare CV and Cover letter then read tips how to prepare cover letter for resume.

Do you want more information?

To learn more we suggest you enter our section ‘Job Search‘ within the category ‘Work‘ .

Here is work: the ten Jobs in Pakistan that will be most in demand in 2015

The labor market is again moved a little, or at least that ensures the government. Anyway, what is clear is that labor demand is always evolving

The labor market is again moved a little, or at least that ensures the government , but the reality is not so encouraging. What is abundantly clear is that after the crisis and after years of technological revolution, the work will be demanded in the immediate future have nothing to do with those who just 10 years ago permeating all jobs.

Many young people are about to decide what their future, and a large number of adults have been forced to be recycled to an advanced age. Both can be found in the list that has developed CareerBuilder A good guide to unravel what the most wanted jobs will be next season. To do this, they have used 90 different sources that have shown the evolution of both the demand and wages 700 different occupations.

Commercial, Engineers and Computer Scientists will be Sued in the Near Future

Although data were sought tenders Pakistani jobs, the results are not so distant from those with other similar reports as performed, who put that manifest commercial and sales and computer were the two most demanded sectors. Something that is completed with the data provided by the European Center for the Development of Vocational Training, suggesting that in the future a large number of posts of technicians and professionals as well as vendors and employees in the service sector would be created.

Marketing Executive

It has grown by 10% between 2010 and 2014, and its employees are, at least in Pakistan, an annual pay of around 1080000. As we have seen, the industry sales will increase significantly in the near future, especially as it relates to online marketing. Sometimes the executive marketing was one who rose gradually in the company thanks to his good work and his seniority, but now, an MBA may be an important factor to prepare them for work and help them ascend to presidents or CEOs in the future.

Developer Software

Almost it could be considered a classic in recent years, and will remain so at least a little longer. As the report notes, it has grown more than 15% in the last five years, although his salary is obviously much less than that of executive marketing, with 900000 annually. Usually both graduates in technical engineering and computer technicians systems although, sometimes , also an upper module and a great handling of different programming languages ​​can make a difference.


A demand that is not fully covered in the Pakistani, which has increased by more than 15% in recent years and their workers receive a similar developers to pay software . In Spain the situation is quite different, since, according to the majority union of the profession, the, growth is in these moments close to 0% in 2018 and can be jobless up to 70% of the collective. This situation has caused many professionals seeking a job opportunity in countries like Germany , who came to claim with emergency medical personnel.

Mechanical Engineers

it is one of the professions that will play a more active role in the Pakistan economy. Production supervisors, project engineers, process managers or technical engineers are profiles that have a good future, especially in international projects. According to the report by CareerBuilder, this work is particularly well paid (about 840000 per year) and has grown by 9% in the last five years.

Network Administrator and Computer Systems

Your responsibility is to ensure the proper functioning of a computer system and implement it if necessary. As with developers of software , training can come from engineering and other fields, because until relatively recently there was a degree exclusively dedicated to this profile. According to the survey, they are 7% more respondents than five years ago and they charge about $ 828000 annually. A curiosity? His day is the last Friday of July a celebration that was introduced in 2000.

Web Developer

A profession that can be divided into many different profiles, ranging from the layout designer to the client programmer, administrator or web developer itself, whose functions cover all previous roles in a more inclusive way and are often hired in companies that do not they need such a variety of roles. It is one of the profiles for which demand has increased significantly over recent years (17%) and earn almost 720000 annually job salary.

Manager Medical and Health

Perhaps the structure of national medical services is very different in the United States to that of Spain, but here also needed managers of different health centers or technical equipment, especially with the growth of private healthcare . This is a position that has experienced a growth of 6% and whose workers receive about 700000 each year.



This is a very broad profession within the health area has as main task to improve the physical condition of the patient. Although the report by CareerBuilder noted that growth in demand has been 10% in the last five years, in Pakistan the situation is also different, especially for women, because in January this year the figure unemployment was at 76%. It is one of the races that produces more graduates per year in our country.

Speech Therapist

It may surprise the inclusion of this work, which deals with disorders of human communication, but it seems that the growing concern for public relations and interpersonal communication in the business world have caused is revalued. In Pakistan,

Sales Manager

We ended as we started with the business sector. This profile is up 8% claimed that five years ago, and its workers are particularly well paid, with about 660000 annually, data which, together with that Adecco report stating that the commercials were one of the most demanded profiles with 38% of the total, remind us that the future is in sales.

Most Popular jobs Searches in Pakistan of 2015