How To Find Jobs in Pakistan For Foreigners


If you are thinking about to move in Pakistan? and you don’t have experience How To Find Jobs in Pakistan For Foreigners? this page added Core points and tips to get a good job.  Despite the current political and security scenario in different parts of the country, there are still a lot of areas where foreigners are working in the country. Most people would think that the only fields where foreigners are currently working is the diplomatic sector, but there are many other areas as well. Pakistan has always welcomed foreigners to work in the country and a large number of nationals from other countries used to work in different parts of the country before 2001. After the security issues started, most of them returned to their native lands but in recent years, many have returned to the country. Foreigners looking for jobs in Pakistan can apply in all kinds of industries as there is very little visa restrictions and the government along with private sector encourages companies and organizations to hire experts from other countries.

Best  Jobs in Pakistan For Foreigners

Foreign Missions

Apart from the usual diplomatic missions, there are several agencies and organizations like UN and its agencies, Red Cross, FAFEN, ILO and many others are the top recruiters for foreigners. Mostly these organizations prefer to hire someone from the native country but for certain job positions they prefer hiring a foreigner.

There is a huge scope for foreigners to get jobs in Pakistan in any one of these organizations. Some of these agencies provide full security to their employees and also use the local law enforcement agencies to escort employees in other cities or areas.


Science and Technology

There is a huge scope for foreign experts to get jobs in the science and technology industry in Pakistan. Pakistan is a developing country and has a huge demand of experts in the fields of medicine, information technology, electronics, engineering etc. There are a number of Pakistan organizations and companies carrying out research and development in different parts of the country in their specified fields. After the security situation changed in the country, most of the foreign scientists and researchers shifted to other countries. Pakistan experts also travelled abroad in order to carry out their research and development projects. But recently several government and private organizations working in different fields of science and technology have invited and hired foreign experts.

Business, Commerce and Finance

Pakistan has a developing economy and several areas of commerce and finance are on the rise. This is a great opportunity for people with expertise in these areas to work. Banking jobs in Pakistan and other financial institutions have one of the best growth rate in the region. Bankers, financial analysts, business experts, management experts and other professionals can achieve career heights in the country.


Pakistan has achieved a lot in the medical field. Pakistan doctors and other experts are in great demand all over the world. Medical colleges and institutions like Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital, Agha Khan Hospital and other major facilities invite visiting physicians, doctors, surgeons from all over the world on short and long term basis.


Relief and Social Work

There are a number of international and local NGOs working in different parts of the country. Foreigners with expertise in relief work can easily get jobs in Pakistan at these organizations. Countries like Pakistan sometimes requires a lot of relief work especially after disasters such as 2005 earthquake and 2010 flood where a large number of foreign relief workers came to aid the affected areas.


There is a large number of private and government operated universities throughout the country. Students from different parts of the world are studying in these universities and some major educational institutions regularly invite foreign professors and experts.

How foreigners can look for jobs in Pakistan

Use internet to your advantage. Pakistan is also one of the countries where several functions of the society are now being connected to internet. Finding Jobs in Pakistan For Foreigners is easy today than it was some years ago. Job portals like are the best source for finding jobs in Pakistan in almost all kinds of fields.

Despite the media propaganda about security issues in Pakistan, there is a growing number of satisfied foreign professionals in the country. Most of them are working in the private and public sectors and are happy with their career progress.