9 Most Suitable jobs in Lahore for Students of Intermediate


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Given the rise in university fees from the beginning of the crisis, more and more students are forced to combine their career with a job to get ahead. As the INE points out in Lahore in the second quarter have increased the number of young people who work and study, reaching 577,300 in 21,500 people.

Not all jobs are valid for young people who want to combine both tasks (‘Yes-Sis, contrary position with the term “nines’ to define those who neither study nor work), it should be adaptable to the times and the needs of their studies. So the job portal RightJobs.pk collects some of the most suitable Jobs In Lahore for Students of Intermediate.


  1. Camarero catering

The catering is a perfect opportunity for students in Lahore, as they offer great flexibility to reconcile the two lives. Usually sporadic jobs that arise when there is an event for which the companies call their waiters confidence. It not particularly is demanding and usually well paid, but does not have a fixed salary.

  1. Stewardess events

In the same vein, another chance events are agencies. Usually they look for people with good presence, mainly women, to serve the guests. As in the previous case, it depends on the amount of events leaving a month.

  1. Accommodator

There are still cinemas and theaters that feature ushers. This is a part-time, to accompany people to their seats. Often days later, when most people go to the shows.

  1. Public Relations

The night world also offers many alternatives for students in lahore. One of them is the public relations of nightclubs or bars. The task of these workers is to attract people to the premises for which they work. It may seem funny, but many say that eventually ends up losing the taste out. The downside is having to leave when not fancy, but it is well paid. A very sociable person can earn a lot of money.


  1. Dependent

Dependent on stores is another very handy option for students in lahore. Many businesses offer part-time jobs, very useful for students. Large multinationals, such as Zara, are the ones that offer such deals.

  1. Camarero

Part-time waiter is another good choice for Lahore students. Especially in summer, it is driven by the tourism boom, many businesses that require timely strengthen their squads.

  1. Child

For lovers of children other option is babysitting. There are always parents who need a break, and resort to a babysitter to care for the children of the house in Lahore. Usually always a girl you like, but there are some guys who have demonstrated their good work that are also valid for this task.

  1. Tutor

Taking advantage of lessons learned, many students are offered to give private lessons to children or teenagers in lahore. Math and English are the most demanded subjects to be reinforced. Patience is required.


  1. Commercial

One of the most popular in Lahore jobs. According to the sector, it is a profession that allows you to set your own hours, work only allocating free time.

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