15 Popular Online Job Portals in Pakistan For Jobs Seeker


Job Portals in Pakistan of current era are the efficient interaction points of the recruiters and the job seekers. Everything happens upon the base of certain criteria launched by the recruiting party with the specs of amazing organizational position over the website. Here, job seekers search for a job as per their level of knowledge and skills to be an outstanding professional. While employers strive to hire best ones with the perfect combination of aptitude and education for the fulfillment of designated responsibilities.

The portals have made job searching quite effortless. The facilitating job portals are free to get registered for the employees as well as the employers. The online job searching trend stupendously substituted newspapers ads. Following are the number of benefits associated with the superb job portals:

  • Cheap way of communication between the hirers and the aspirers
  • Saves Time and Money
  • Search fast as per your requirements
  • Work at a wider scale, search job in city, province or even the entire country while keeping the applicant at home
  • Provides a variety of options based upon your qualification, expertise, experience and expected salary
  • 24×7 available for support
  • Send alerts through mails or sms

Let us have a look upon the most successful top 15  job portals in Pakistan:

1) Rozee.pk (Alexa Rank:5165, Visitors:2526720)

Rozee.pk is the number one, among online job portals in Pakistan, searching platform connecting talent with the available openings. It operates with the investments of various leading companies including Cisco, Paypal, Linkedin, Tribe And Friendster. They have around 4,131,884 registered professionals. They post 110+ jobs every single day from the leading companies of Pakistan. Their Alexa Rank is 5165 while the monthly unique visitor number is 2526720, which is itself a witness of their achievement.

2) Rightjobs.pk (Alexa Rank:43507, Visitors:96660)

Then comes the rightjobs.pk at the second slot with its operation in 12 leading cities of Pakistan. Also considered the best among all job portals in Pakistan. RightJobs.Pk post jobs, training and internships in sales, marketing, business development, IT/software development, health, accounting, finance, engineering, production, operations, security, management and many other fields. They clutch around 1.5 million registered professionals and 7000 recruiters. They search jobs for the seekers by their type, experience, industry and city. Their Alexa Rank is 161596 while the monthly unique visitor number is 96660.


3) Mustakbil.com (Alexa Rank:29708, Visitors:604770)

Mustakbil.com is on number three with their exceptional service offered to the employers and the job seekers. They started in 2004 and now advertise different career opportunities in leading organizations of Pakistan. It’s a reliable, fast, easy and rich source of applying for jobs online. They consider their motivation, dedication, innovation and sense of completion their biggest strengths. With Alexa Rank 29708 and monthly unique visitors 604770, mustakbil.com is on the fast track of growth.

4) BrightSpyre.com (Alexa Rank:142432, Visitors:109080)

BrightSpyre enhances connections between hirers and the talented individuals. They provide opportunity of searching jobs by utilizing your computer or even smartphones instead of pen or paper. BrightSpyre has taken the job portals trend to its next level by holding the best candidates of Pakistan. They allow the companies to efficiently hire brilliant aspirants utilizing the smart modern tools. They have separate sections for hot jobs and the jobs with least time to apply over the fruitful website. Their Alexa Rank is 142432 and the number of monthly unique visitors is 109080.

5) Bayrozgar.com (Alexa Rank:54252, Visitors:256050)

Bayrozgar.com provides you an opportunity of searching jobs in any category or even any city of Pakistan. They are working to make life easier for the job searchers. They operate in 19+ cities with quite a simple way of choosing job as per your specialties. What you all have to do is to enter a keyword in the job searching engine relevant to your expertise and Bayrozgar efficiently gives the list of available job opportunities from the leading companies of Pakistan. With Alexa Rank 54252 and monthly unique visitors 256050, Bayrozgar is just the right choice.

6) Roziroti.pk (Alexa Rank:28879, Visitors:408150)

Roziroti.com is the finest online job searching engine of Pakistan. They are acting like a bridge between the leading national/multinational companies of Pakistan and the talented job seekers. They have a vision of becoming the global online employment solution. People wishing to achieve their goals quickly, time efficiently and inexpensively should visit roziroti now as its delivering everything right for your livelihood. Roziroti holds 28879 Alexa Rank and 4080150 is the total number of monthly unique visitors.

7) TalentHunters.com.pk (Alexa Rank:1568381, Visitors:6000)

TalentHunters.com.pk is the national HR consultancy firm as HR management is very important for getting all the tasks done. They hunt talent, work with entrepreneurs and transform their dreams into an unbelievable reality. TalentHunters.com motivates and crafts people more efficient towards their jobs in order to get the best out of them. They are recognizing and facing unique challenges in market. With Alexa Rank 1568381 and monthly unique visitors 6000, TalentHunters are pushing great potential of Pakistan for growth and success.

8) Mehnat.pk (Alexa Rank:148872, Visitors:150510)

Most of the job searching engines provides you opportunity depending upon your education and expertise but mehnat.pk takes the hot jobs of Pakistan on one page, show latest newspaper advertisements of latest admissions in educational sector and then allows you to search as per your city and qualification. The site also works well for the students preparing for distinct exams. Mehnat.pk holds 148872 Alexa Rank and their monthly unique visitors number is 150510.



9) Jobsalert.pk (Alexa Rank:32750, Visitors:534330)

Jobsalert.pk provides you an exclusive opportunity of seeking government jobs. They bring top class jobs to their site for the convenience of job seekers and hence, included in top job portals in Pakistan. They are unique and also hold entertainment stuff for its subscribers. Jobsalert.pk offers you opening as per your abilities. They have designed their website as per the great cities and the distinct successful sectors of Pakistan. The site also clutches information for international jobs. With Alexa Rank 32750 and monthly unique visitors number 32750, jobsalert.pk is exceptional for searching great government jobs with lifetime benefits.

10) Pakistanjobsbank.com (Alexa Rank:27401, Visitors:795000)

Pakistanjobsbank.com search jobs from various government and non-government sectors for your convenience. They effortlessly locate jobs from Pakistan’s leading newspapers and list them on one single page in a few points of time. One wishing to find jobs as per their interest should utilize Pakistanjobsbank as they take great care of your aspired location, profession, industry and organization. Their Alexa Rank is 27401 while their monthly visitor’s number has been raised to 795000.

11) Paperpkblog.com (Alexa Rank:6590, Visitors:2402460)

Paperpkblog.com is considered proficient in providing newspaper advertisements of all the latest jobs available in the largest cities of Pakistan including Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, Faisalabad etc. They show the scanned copies of advertisements in order to assure the job seekers as well as the recruiters. The website is updated regularly for keeping the quality of search. Paperpkblog gives purposeful information; therefore it has achieved 6590 Alexa Rank. The total number of unique monthly visitors has now become 2402460 for paperpkblog.com.

12) Indeed.com.pk (Alexa Rank:38241, Visitors:469500)

Indeed.com.pk shows you the jobs related to your skills and the aspired company upon a single click in your city, province or country. They first of all shows you two options upon the webpage “what” and “where”. The website allows you to design the attractive curriculum vitae and apply for jobs according to your qualification. Indeed.com.pk holds jobs from all new types and categories. Recruiters can freely post the jobs over this website. That’s the reason, Alexa Rank of Indeed.com.pk has become 38241 and the total number of unique monthly visitors has reached up to 469500.

13) Naukrijunction.com (Alexa Rank:315578, Visitors:42810)

Naukrijunction.com is an efficient site providing a great source of connection to the recruiters and the people wishing to be professionals in near future. Candidates can now effortlessly post their curriculum vitae over naukrijunction to locate the great projects and the job vacancies. They are also holding excellent messaging system to keep the registered individuals aware of the fresh available job openings. The demand and wonderful reviews has blessed naukrijunction.com Alexa Rank of 315578 and their total number of unique monthly visitors has come up to 42810.

14) Placingjobs.com (Alexa Rank:603517, Visitors:23100)

Placingjobs.com works upon your entered keyword and the location. For keyword, you could enter job type, your expertise, qualification or the company name and in location, all you need to put is the name of city, province or even country to get the jobs available in them. The webpage mentions eight distinct job categories including healthcare, teaching, engineering, programming, management, marketing, telecommunication and banking. With Alexa Rank 603517 and total monthly unique visitors 23100, placingjobs.com is functioning as a great facilitator.


15) Pkjobs77.com (Alexa Rank:107523, Visitors:143760)

Pkjobs77.com holds an exceptional team of 20 individuals including developers, designers, testers, editors and search gurus, who are working very hard to craft job searching quite effortless for the deserving students resting in distinct corners of Pakistan. The website not only finds jobs in Pakistan but also locates your expertise in different countries around the globe. With Alexa Rank 107523 and total number of unique monthly visitors 143760, pkjobs77.com is making job searching quite easier for everyone.


Hence, utilize any of the above mentioned job portals in Pakistan and apply for multiple job opportunities with your eye-catching CV. We have just shown you that if you are really serious about acquiring a good job then there is no dearth of good jobs out there. These online portals have made job search significantly easier, so go grab the best opportunities. Good Luck!