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There are many ways to search for jobs in Karachi, one can search job through online job portal like RightJobs.Pk etc… or we can find job adds pasted on the streets these adds are mostly for sales, marketing or teaching jobs. You may come to know about a job through someone, through any reference, or you can find job ads in magazines. Among all sources where you can find the job adds the most common source is that you can find job adds in newspaper. Companies adopt print media especially posting an add in newspaper option to advertise the vacant position. In Karachi the most popular way to search a job is Jang newspaper jobs adds. Jang newspaper is one of the oldest newspapers of Pakistan and oldest newspaper in terms of continuous publication. It is founded in 1939 by Mir Khalil ur rehman.

Jang newspaper is a reliable resource in finding a job in Karachi through jang newspaper jobs. Jang newspaper is published in Urdu which is official and national language in Pakistan so its daily readers are more than 8 lacs, which is a huge number. Jang newspaper have special classified pages on their daily newspaper which is used for jobs add, marketing adds etc… on Sunday they increase the number of pages as classified pages due to the high demand of adds.

Jang Newspaper Jobs

Jang newspaper add is most popular way for companies to advertise themselves as well as their products/jobs etc… Jang newspaper is published from 14 cities of Pakistan daily. It is a daily Urdu newspaper in Pakistan and among the oldest. It is published from following 14 cities and all cities have classified ads pages where jang newspaper jobs are published,

  • Karachi
  • Lahore 
  • Rawalpindi
  • Quetta
  • Multan
  • Sheikhupura
  • Bahawalpur
  • Gujrat 
  • Sialkot
  • Gujranwala
  • Sargodha
  • Sukkur
  • Faisalabad
  • Dera Ghazi Khan

You can access and find you dream job through jang newspaper jobs add even if you not buy the newspaper physically as now you can read the jang newspaper on internet through “Daily jang e paper” you can access it on internet.


You can find latest jobs available in Karachi by clicking on the above mentioned link and visiting the Karachi edition’s classified page, on that page you can find latest jobs in jang newspaper.

  • Aslam Newspaper Agency (+92-21-34946894)
  • Ishtiaq Ahmad Newspaper Agency (+92-21-36055919)
  • Tooba Advertising (+92-21-36378279)
  • Ad-Tech Communications (+92-21-35286067)
  • AdCity Advertisers (+92-21-34530074)
  • Adcom (Pvt) Ltd. (+92-21-35655911)
  • Admarks Advertising (+92-321-8211002)
  • Admove (+92-323-3800415)
  • Aim Advertisement & Marketing (+92-21-32414734)
  • AK Associates (+92-21-35882576)
  • Al Burhan Communication (+92-21-36674448)
  • Alisha Advertisers (+92-21-34018431)
  • Alvis Enterprises (+92-21-34312115)
  • QASMI ADVERTISING (QA) (+92-21-35392025)
  • QED Communication (+92-21-35340158)
  • RAAS COMMUNICATION (+92-21-35884060)
  • RAB Advertising Agency (+92-346-2344529)
  • Rania Advertising (+92-333-2181374)
  • Rank Communication (+92-300-2733144)
  • Reactivate Pakistan (+92-21-35880161)
  • Repcom Advertising (+92-21-34558669)
  • Rizwan Arts (+92-333-2297294)
  • RK Advertising (+92-300-2588113)
  • Creative Labz (Pvt) Ltd. (+92-321-4085221)
  • Defence Advertisers (+92-21-35889198)
  • Dehli Surkhab (+92-307-2755173)
  • Evernew Group (+92-21-34310335)
  • Express Media Group (+92-21-35800051)
  • Fairways (Pvt) Ltd. (+92-21-32791190)
  • Fanatix Corporate Solutions (Pvt) Ltd. (+92-333-5533341)
  • Fasih law Associates & Advertising Agency (+92-21-34801511)
  • General 2000 Communications (+92-21-32420951)
  • News Agency (+92-21-35681520)
  • Nursery Advertiser (+92-21-34526600)
  • Orbit Advertising & Event Management (+92-21-34523900)
  • Orient Advertising Agency (+92-21-34550184)
  • Pace (Pvt) Ltd. (+92-21-111117223)
  • Pakistan News Urdu (+92-345-3004137)
  • Pixeffex (+92-345-2458754)
  • Premier Entertainment (+92-21-35419121)
  • Press Media Advertising (+92-21-35670811)
  • Publico Advertising (+92-21-34541052)
  • Kun Kreatives (+92-300-3777883)
  • M Communications (MCOM Advertising) (+92-21-32215095)
  • M S Advertisers (+92-21-32236616)
  • Maaz Advertising (+92-21-34227725)
  • Macpril (+92-21-35613352)
  • Manhattan Pakistan (Pvt) Ltd. +92-21-32791445)
  • Manhill Advertising & Marketing (Pvt.) Ltd. (+92-21-111111160)
  • Maps Boutique (+92-21-34100838)
  • Mark Ads (Pvt) Ltd. (+92-21-34549673)
  • Maxxon Advertising (+92-21-34384731)
  • S Media Marketing (+92-321-3110678)

You need to visit ad booking agencies or jang newspaper offices to get booked yours add. The rate is normally charged on words/line basis. You can contact the following news agencies to book yours add in jang newspaper.


Daily jang newspaper is working under the group of Jang group of newspaper which is a subsidiary of independent media corporation. This group is Pakistan’s largest group of newspaper, daily jang, The news international, Mag weekly are the publications of this group. You can find jobs in jang newspaper as well as in The news. Geo news is also affiliated with this group.

Jnag group besides providing opportunities through publishing jobs in jang newspaper also provides jobs opportunities in jang group. You can work in jang group in many departments like you can have a job in administration department, or you can get job in jang group in accounts, marketing, HR, departments. One can find job in jang group as reporter, editor, news anchor, host, as well as in technical departments like you can get a job in jang group if you are a cameraman or photographer etc…

Jang group provides job as a reporter and that reporter can work in different fields like Sports reporter/ correspondent if you are working as a sports reporter your job is to search for the news relating to sports. People are working in jang group as crime reporters, they are covering the news about crimes in their jurisdiction and tries to dig out the story behind the news. One can get job in jang news as a religious reporter whose duty is to provide news about religious issues and updates, cultural reporter is always looking for news relating to culture like cultural events, Govt. role to develop the cultural norms and things like this. If you have interest in economics and you have some awareness about this topic you can get job in jang news as economic reporter, economic reporter is supposed to collect all news about economics and trade in his jurisdiction for this he has to visit stock exchange as stock exchange is the main source of getting information regarding economic conditions and trends about economy. If you have job as economic reporter in jang group then you should have to visit trade markets to get information to know the trend about the economy and to check the customer behavior, to report the customers range about purchasing. One can also get job in jang newspaper as Film/media reporter.

If you are a student of Mass communication department or you have degree in mass communication/journalism, you can easily get a job in jang newspaper. Jang newspaper not only providing jobs in Karachi it is also providing practical experience/ training to the students during their study tenure as an internee.


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