Is work from home a good idea?

One of the hardest things to do every morning is to leave your bed and sometimes we wish that we never had to say goodbye to our beds and we envy people who don’t have to do it every morning, haaahhh sighs!

It’s true that we all somehow secretly wish to never go to the office to do 9-5 jobs sitting all day on the chair. The idea of staying at home on a cozy couch with our laptops in front of us seems so tempting.

But have you ever thought why have they made offices and not let everybody work from where they are, and made a total win-win situation for everybody.
Here are some of the reasons why working from home results in less productivity rather than coming to the office and working in a proper work environment.

More distractions at home

Yeah, it feels great to be at home around your family but it gets too tricky to maintain your focus because of the distractions. Let’s say if you are working from home there are chances that your family might take you as if you are on a leave or you took a day off because family never understands the concept of working from home. So there are chances that they’ll try to engage you with them and the worst thing is you’ll eventually end up having a chit-chat with your family or start doing house chores (just to avoid an argument with your mom ughh). To be precise, your family will not let you work from home, in peace. On the other hand, in an office where there are is a proper work-environment, specific working hours and zero distractions, you can work with more concentration.

You get Lazy

At home, you often get lazy because there is a lot of difference in sitting on an uncomfortable, clumsy chair and a cozy soft couch. When you sit in a warm place, it’s easy for your mind to think of this as sleepy time. Even if you’re sitting on a chair, still your bed or couch might tempt you and you’d definitely be willing to put your work at stake and your mind might trap you that you’d only take a short nap that will end in a long hour sleep. So home makes you lazy but in office, there won’t be any bed to tempt you so you’ll stay in your lane, ha-ha!

Less productivity

At home, your focus gets shifted because of the distractions which normally doesn’t happen in the office environment. When you’re a little less focused on your work and your attention is divided, this results in less productivity.

Uninvited guests might annoy you

There is no time for guests to come and when you are at home you have to deal with them no matter what. So if you’re planning to work from home keep this interruption factor in your mind because getting busy in attending guests might waste your time plus you’ll get annoyed.

This doesn’t make “work from home” a total bad idea. It can be a good option when people have to take care of other things too.

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