Interview Outfits What to Wear to a Job Interview Do’s and Don’ts

Interview Outfits What to Wear to a Job Interview Do’s and Don’ts

For a job interview, the interview outfits really matter. How? We are going to discuss that in the following article.

To make a good impression on the hiring manager, the best opportunity is a job interview. After being considered through your resume, on the basis of your qualifications, you are called for a job interview. To impress the interviewer in your hands now. Dress in a way that leads to success, not failure.

Before dressing up for the interview, most important thing is that you should be dressed in such a way that makes you look groomed, tidy, well-dressed and professional.

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The interview outfits to wear totally depend on the job position that you are applying for. It is a well-known advice for job-seekers that dress in such a way that you already have the job. Every organization has different rules and regulations for their dress-code. There are many organizations where both men and women wear suits and don’t wear trousers, tie and jacket. There are many companies that require fashion casual type of dresses, whereas some companies require business casual wear. So, before arriving for the job interview, it is a better approach to do research on the organization’s dress-code policy.

The first and foremost thing that matters is your personality and skills, but before that, your appearance is the thing that comes in notice first. Through your appearance, you need to show the hiring manager that you are an ambitious and professional kind of person and a great match for the company.

You need to know about the culture of the company you are applying in, and should be extremely choosy in your dress selection. From your jacket to shoes, and even your accessories, everything comes in notice.

Importance of Wearing Proper Interview Outfits for a Job Interview

The first few seconds on your meeting with the employer really matter. These seconds can make up for impression or destroy it. Whereas the rest of the time of interview is spent on questioning and answering.

You have to earn the first few seconds in your favor. If you fail in doing so, it would be difficult, or impossible for you to overcome the bad impression. There is no doubt in your abilities. You might be extremely skilled, qualified and experienced, but if you have overlooked the attire factor, then things are not going to be in your favor. Attire must be taken care of, before going for an interview.

If you succeed in impressing the employer in the first few seconds, through your attire and way of communicating, then you can do the interview much better, and confidently.

1. Preparation

While preparing, you need to explore more about the work setting and office style. In an open-space office, the company emphasizes on less-formal dressing style, and the interviewers do not pay that much attention to your attire. This doesn’t mean that you can go in whatever old jeans and casual shirt you want for an interview. You need to know about the dress code and make sure you have got a proper attire beforehand.

Many offices may look like semi-open, but are strict about their working attire. So it is a better approach to meet some employee working in the same company, some days before the interview to have an idea about the dress code of the company. This can help you get a better idea of expectations and requirements from the employees of the company.

You should select that dress which suits your body type, and start preparations a few weeks before the interview, so that if you are planning to buy a suit or get it stitched by your tailor, then you must have the dress in hand before the interview.

If you are going to purchase a suit, then you should keep the following factors in mind before purchasing it.

Hair Texture

You should have a fresh hair cut or at least trimmed hair before the interview. There is no need for going to uncomfortable hair-cut. Just keep the things simple, neat and well-groomed. Not only this, you should also keep care of your facial hair.

If you have grown a moustache or beard, then it should be freshly trimmed or shaved on the day of the interview, or at least one day before it. Make sure you do not hurt yourself while shaving and try to prevent the razor burn.

This will make you look more attractive and will lead towards building your self-confidence.

Clean nails

Hands must not be overlooked. Make sure your nails are neatly cut. Poorly cut nails speak of the person’s untidiness and lesser attention towards self-grooming. You can have a manicure to make your hand look better and neat.


You should apply a very little of cologne. Don’t apply much of it to suffocate the interviewer and use a neutral scent. You should have a nice choice of perfumes and use some soft-smelling and those perfumes that add to your overall grooming sense and taste.

2. Dress

As we know, the easiest way for getting a dress it to buy it from a nearby mall. Getting a read-made suit is one of the worst options. A manufacturer would create a few standard models which are supposed to fit a ‘standard’ person and nobody knows your actual size, as every person’s build is different. Therefore, there are minor issues with ready-made suit. Better option is to visit your tailor to get a perfect suit ready for you. Another good option is to order custom made suits online. It is highly recommended to have interview outfits made of natural fabric such as wool.

The most appropriate colors for a job interview would be navy blue and charcoal. Also, if you want to wear black, it is recommended that it has some pattern on it. Purely black suit is usually worn by waiters mostly. Pattern-wise, the best idea is to have a suit of a solid color or with narrow stripes.

You can wear a suit jacket also. When standing, the sleeves should show one inch of shirt cuffs; lapels should lie flat, buttoning of the jacket should not be too tight. Jacket shoulders should not extend past yours. Try to grab with your hands the backside of the jacket, while standing. This casts a good impression on the employer. Neck collar of your interview outfits should reveal three to four inches of a collar of your dress shirt.


Collar should be selected according to one’s shape cut. For a thin face, choose a spread collar. For round faces, the best bet would be a classic point collar. In order to check if a shirt and collar fit properly, wear it, button it up and put your two fingers between the buttoned collar and your neck.

There should be just as enough space as to fit them, in order to justify that you have selected the right shirt for you with appropriate collar size.


One or two button Cuffs are a good selection for a job interviewers. It is better to avoid wearing them as some interviewers don’t regard it as a good choice.

Sleeves and cuffs should go right to the top of your hands with one inch of shirt cuff showing from under your jacket sleeve.

3. Neck Tie

Some classic neck tie colors are burgundy, navy blue or green. You can try different colors too, or ties with patterns if you have got a good taste in tie selection.

However, it should be kept in mind that the tie you are going for must complement the entire outfit. Simple repeating patterns on ties can be good for a job interview. Try to keep the things as simple as possible.

It is highly recommended to wear tie made of natural silk, though they are a bit expensive. Synthetic ties are cheaper, but they never give the same look like the silk one.

The tie knot depends on a shirt collar you chose and the shape of your face.

4. Shoes and Socks

A pair of black round-toed shoes is the best choice for a job interview. These type of shoes come with either closed or open lacing. Slip-ons must be avoided. They look unprofessional.

Keep in mind that your shoes should be neat and polished well. Your socks should match the trousers and must not draw people’s attention. Also, upon sight, your socks should appear as seamlessly flowing between your slacks and shoes.

5. Jewelry and Watches

The jewelry worn should be very simple and lesser of it should be worn. Wedding rings are though acceptable. It is a good approach to keep jewelry at minimum especially when you are not aware of interviewer’s particular tastes and standpoint on this issue.

In case of jewelry, you should keep in mind that it follows the rule, the lesser the better. So avoid wearing heavy earrings and piercings.

Don’t wear digital, sporty watches. It is better to use a watch with a leather band.

6. Other Accessories

Your belt must be made of leather. It should possibly match the color of leather on your shoes. Try to keep it very simple.

If you have got a business card, that’s a plus point. It adds to your professionalism. There are also a number of companies that offer custom business cards at reasonable prices.

If you are carrying your mobile phone with you, make sure to turn it on silent mode during the interview so that it does not interrupt your job discussion.

If you need to carry a laptop or documents with you, a black briefcase can be a good choice. Never carry old and large-sized bags with you for an interview. This leaves a bad impression on the hiring manager.

Things to Avoid Wearing for An Interview

Try not to make any mistake in outfit selection. Wearing the wrong thing can totally destroy your image and reputation. Let’s a look at the interview outfits to avoid.

Following these tips, you can avoid the mishaps you might face if you don’t care about these things, so you need to carefully read and understand them to avoid any harsh experiences with the interviewer.

  • Avoid wearing casual clothes. Do not wear jeans, tennis shoes, shorts, t-shirts, hats, flip-flops, or any garments with messages or brands written on them.
  • Avoid wearing anything distracting. Men should avoid strange patterns on their shirts. Women should not wear anything too revealing or low cut. They should not use heels and sun dresses.
  • Make up and jewelry should also be toned down. It is a good idea for both genders to use the basic black, blue, or grey suit.
  • Avoid wearing excessive accessories and tight fitting clothes.
  • Do not use strong scents or colognes that suffocate the interviewer.


Before going for a job interview, you should have a look at yourself, if you are sounding professional to your own eyes or not. Because, it is you who knows and can judge yourself best. So try to carry a professional look, and avoid the casual stuff. However, once you get the job, you can carry on your casual activities in a professional manner too.

Makeup and jewelry should be kept as light as possible and the best option is to avoid it. Remember you are not going on a wedding function, so keep things decent and professional. Most important thing is confidence. You should not forget about other things while just focusing on the attire stuff.

Dress is not the only thing to be focused, but it is a plus point if it is handled with care and things are done professionally. Focus on your self-grooming. A good perfume, well-set hair, neat and clean nails of your hands, well-set knot of tie, good color combination of suit, simple belt with matching leather shoes can win the day for you.

Be professional and act professional to win the interview for you!

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