List of Top 5 Insurance Companies in Pakistan


Insurance Companies in Pakistan: To look deep into the topic, first of all let us have a look on the question that what are insurance companies?

Insurance Companies

Insurance Company can basically be described as a business providing you coverage, by the act of paying you because of misfortune, harms, damage, treatment or hardship in return for premium installments. The organization calculates the chances of occurrence of any particular unwanted event then decides the expense to supplant (pay for) the misfortune to decide the premium sum. It is a financial service provided by the insurance companies. It is done to minimize the risk of loss.

Insurance is a money related item sold by insurance agencies to defend you and/or your property against the danger of misfortune, harm or robbery, (for example, flooding, thievery or a mischance). There are some types of insurance that you need to take out by law, for example, motor protection in the event that you drive a vehicle; some you may require as a state of an agreement, for example a conditional agreement as a prerequisite of your home loan; and others are sensible to take out, for example, life coverage or putting something aside for benefits after retirement.

While it is a smart thought to ensure that you are not paying for protection that you needn’t. You ought to dependably consider what might happen if tragedy struck and you didn’t have cover to secure you. You can purchase insurance deals for some parts of your life, for instance for your health, home, auto, business, or retirement. An insurance deal is the agreement that you bring out with the company providing it as a backup plan to secure you against particular dangers under specific listed terms.

How it functions

When you purchase an insurance policy, you make customary installments, known as premiums, to the backup plan. In the event that you make a case your guarantor will pay out for the misfortune that is secured under the listed terms and conditions of the agreement.

On the other hand if you don’t make a case of claim, you won’t recover your cash rather your cash is pooled with the premiums of different policyholders who have brought out insurance with the same insurance agency. If you make a claim then the compensation you will get is brought up by the pool of premiums of other policy holders.

To decide what kind of insurance you require consider the following things:

Why you require compensation?

What thing you want to include in your compensation and to what extent you can afford?

How long you want it? It’s the time duration.

Whether you need it for yourself and/or for friends and family.


To purchase insurance deal you can

  • Contact an insurance provider either by meeting in person or over the phone.
  • Seek for his advice and tell him your matter in detail.
  • Check different sites to get the best arrangement on the kind of deal you’re searching for

How premiums are figured out

Insurance providing companies use risk data to compute the probability of the occasion you are guaranteeing against happening. This data is utilized to work out the expense of your premium. The more probable the occasion you are guaranteeing against is to happen, the higher the risk to the insurance providing company subsequently, the higher the expense of your premium.

An insurance providing companies will consider two vital elements when working out the premium they will charge you.

  • How likely is it by and large terms that somebody is going to make a claim?
  • Is the individual who needs to take out a policy a greater or littler risk than the “normal” policyholder (for instance, a youngster with a powerful auto might be charged a higher premium as they are measurably more inclined to be required in a mishap than a developed, experienced driver)? Only some of the policyholders will make a case in any one year.

Standard approach conditions

In spite of the fact that policies have distinctive terms and conditions, as a rule there are three primary rules that are basic over all insurance arrangements. These include:

  • Compensation is accommodated after the real estimation of the property or thing that has been lost or harmed but in any case it does not include any sentimental value.
  • There should be an extensive number of comparative risks so that the probability of a claim can be spread among different policyholders.
  • It must be workable for insurance companies working in Pakistan to ascertain the possibility of misfortune so that a premium can be set which manages the risk. Misfortunes must not be made intentional.

How insurance companies in Pakistan drives Economy?

Insurance companies in Pakistan influences everything, and everything influences Insurance. It is by and large comprehended that insurance companies permits the individuals who take part in the economy to create goods and services without the deadening dread that some unfavorable occurrence could abandon them down and out or not able to work. Despite of that, few individuals know about the remarkable effect the business has on state, neighborhood and national economies. Look at the following five impacts insurance companies have on the economy.

Stimulating Economic Progress

The insurance business is a noteworthy Pakistan business, giving many employment opportunities. These companies contribute a lot to the country’s total national output.

Putting resources into Capital Markets for profit maximization

Insurance agencies additionally boost the economy by contributing the assets they gather for giving protection assurance. They make a very large amount.


Supporting Resiliency and Community

Insurance companies in Pakistan support you in case of occurrence of any mishap. They minimize your loss and help you in recovery. Property/setback guarantors pay out billions every year to settle claims. A number of the installments go to nearby organizations, for example, auto repair organizations, empowering them to give occupations and pay the listed taxes in order to support the local economy.

Engaging Lenders

Specific insurance items ensure moneylenders and borrowers, protecting organizations, for example, exporters from client defaults and encouraging the financing of home loans and different exchanges. These items incorporate credit protection for short term receivables.

Credit protection secures dealers, exporters, makers and different organizations from misfortunes or harms coming about because of the nonpayment of debt owed by them for merchandise and services given in the typical course of business. Credit protection encourages financing, empowering guaranteed organizations to demand better credit terms from banks.

Economy of Pakistan

The economy of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan is persistent with high inflation rates nearly above 26%. More than 1,081 patent applications were recorded by non-inhabitant Pakistanis in 2004 uncovering a recently discovered confidence. Agriculture represented around 53% of GDP in 1947. While per-capita horticultural yield has developed from that point forward, it has been outpaced by the development of the non- agriculture areas, and the share of farming has dropped to around one-fifth of Pakistan’s economy. Lately, the nation has seen quick development in commercial enterprises, (for example, apparel, materials, and concrete) and in case of services, (for example, telecommunications, transportation, publicizing, and finance).

Growing Economy of Pakistan

working of China Pakistan Economic Corridor, or CPEC, is increasing the large scale manufacturing and the upcoming  foundation of ventures in the West-Central Asia Zone are a portion of the solid business pointers that national bank has sketched out as variables, which will support Pakistan’s economy in the year 2016. In general there is good news and everybody is looking for good prospects. In any case, State Bank of Pakistan, or SBP, likewise indicates a few difficulties, which must be handled. It said: “A few upgrades are as of now noticeable from the adjustments in the key macroeconomic pointers. However another indication of good prospect is the fact, “the present record of shortfall has limited down as it was easily financed by higher budgetary inflows, and the foreign trade holds high reserves and they rose to more than $21 billion which are adequate to meet the nation’s import bill for seven months. The business, especially foreign investors and organizations working in Pakistan, are delighted and hopefully looking over their prospects and benefits.

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Top Insurance companies in Pakistan

Following are some of the well-known insurance companies working in Pakistan.

Let us have a brief introduction of all the above listed insurance companies of Pakistan.

  1. East West Life Company of Pakistan

The East West Life Assurance Company was established in the year nineteen ninety two in Quetta under the banner of The Metropolitan Life Assurance Company of Pakistan Limited. The organization started with life coverage business in March of nineteen ninety three. It gained successful ground in the area of life and medical coverage organizations both on the front of individual and corporate customers alike. East West Life is known as a dynamic player in the field of life and medical coverage.


  1. IGI Insurance Limited of Pakistan

International General Insurance Company Limited (IGI) is one of very few handful monetarily solid protection foundations in the nation, which has been concentrating fundamentally on building its reputation in the domestic and international markets through quality business and adherence to high moral and professional standards. IGI is an organization of the well-known Packages Group and was established in nineteen fifty three with Alliance Assurance of Great Britain.

  1. EFU Life Assurance LTD of Pakistan

In nineteen ninety, the Government of Pakistan revived the insurance business to the private sector associations and EFU Life Assurance Ltd started operations in November nineteen ninety two as the principal private segment life coverage organization. In the mid of nineteen ninety three, EFU Life started its other business and by March nineteen ninety four, the organization started composing its individual life business.

 Industry pioneer in the Life Insurance Sector, EFU Life’s significant advancements amid the years are;

  • Most grounded financial base in the private sector
  • Most highly compensated capital of Rs one Billion
  • One of the main Asset Managers in Pakistan
  • Differentiated Portfolio offering Best Value Products
  • Giving coverage to more than 1.5 million lives
  • Propelled the First Mobile application – EFU Life PlanIT
  • The biggest salesforce in the private insurance sector
  1. New Jubilee Life Insurance Company Limited

Jubilee, the word itself is very well recognized in financial market indicating the feeling of happiness. Jubilee Life Insurance Company gives you confidence in your matters related to financing by covering you maximum in any mishap situation. They develop an urge in you to make your financial dreams come true. Jubilee claims to bring world best practices to your financial claims. They have a vision of overcoming the situation of uncertainty.

  1. State Life Insurance Corporation of Pakistan

State Life Insurance Corporation of Pakistan was established on November 1, nineteen seventy two under the Life Insurance Nationalization Order. Because of its settled Agency Network of more than ninety thousand sales representatives, State Life is the biggest Life Insurance Corporation since nineteen seventy two in Pakistan.

It aims:

  • To run life coverage business on sound line.
  • To run disaster protection business on sound line.
  • To give more proficient support to the policyholders.
  • To expand the arrival to the policyholders by conserving on costs and expanding the yield on investment.
  • To make life coverage a more viable method for assembling national savings.
  • To remain the main guarantor in the nation by extending the advantages of protection to all segments of society and meeting their duties to their strategy holders and the country.
  • To guarantee fulfillment of our esteemed policyholders in handling new business, giving after deals benefit and upgrading return on Life Fund through a quality culture.


There are many insurance companies in Pakistan which are performing very well. This business of insurance is increasing because investors want maximum coverage in case of any mishap. On the other hand if we look at the economy of Pakistan it is showing a positive change, which very good indicator for everybody is working in financial markets. Business Prospects are too good to be fruitful. The wait is over and the competition begins.