How to Prepare for Job Interview to Win the Job

How to Prepare for Job Interview to Win the Job

Before arriving in front of the recruiter there is a lot you can do to increase your chances of getting work. Learn How to Prepare for Job Interview to Win the Job step by step

Put to work and focus on a plan of action for your job interview with these tips.

For recruiters nothing more pitiful than a person who took the time to prepare for an interview, it is essential to know what the process is and what is expected of you.

Why should you Prepare for Job Interview?

The number one reason is that the preparation prior to your interview shows interest in the job, and that is evident to recruiters.

Having a strategy is what makes the difference between being hired and stay in the process, as Human Resources usually has several candidates to choose from, so we face a competition and details are paramount.

We offer some tips to make your next interview an anteroom to the job you’ve been looking for:

1. Stop Negative Thoughts

You had a bad experience in the past? Let her back. Remember that this is a new opportunity to make things better. Forget prejudices and thoughts like “I will not give the job” “I have interviewed recruiters unprofessional, and this will be no exception”

Often our preconceptions are our biggest obstacle, so take the opportunity to analyze what has failed in the past, concentrate on doing well and do not waste your results by anticipating an unfavorable energy.

2. Fill Yourself Up

After clearing your mind of negativity and defeatism is time to fill up. If the company has called you is because I saw something in your profile that interests you and your mission is to convince you what they need.

3. Know your Potential Employer

Perhaps the offer does not contain the name of the company, but as soon as you contact your data you must provide, and it is time to investigate who they are and what they do.

If the company is large and has an official page invest a little time in knowing the information available: history, mission, vision, business units, values, etc. Some even they have annual network, newsletters and news reports. Are social networks? Also visualize them.

If the company is small and has no place web at least do a little research on the turn, read the newspapers to know what the market trend or information relevant to the sector.

4. Use the Job as a Guide

You can get a lot of data for your interview if you take the time to carefully read the job offer. Sometimes the companies publish a comprehensive profile of the employee seeking, where the required skills are specified, as activities and even details of working conditions (wages, hours, benefits); when we have so much useful information, as the company is telling us what you need and we can focus on the strengths we have during the interview.

When the offer for which you applied is very short or contains only basic information, you will have fewer references, but still there is something of importance to note, focus on the above requirements, as Human Resources is telling you what the most important conditions for fill the vacancy.

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5. Prepare your Answers

The job interview is an evaluation of our person, and when we feel nervous or stressed is common costs us more work to express what we mean.

To neutralize the nerves and feel more confident is very important to anticipate common interview questions and formulating intelligent responses. We recommend you sort your ideas, make a list of points you want to emphasize and look uncomfortable or complex questions you might ask yourself the recruiter.

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6. Taking into Account the Details

Once you have strengthened your safety, the company researched and prepared your answers, half the job is done, and your chances of getting a second interview and employment are higher.

However, it is very important not to lose sight of some details that can restarte points. Here are a few:

  • Be punctual. Arrive 15 minutes before your interview
  • Dress well. Wear formal clothes will always favor in interviews. The black, gray and dark blue colors never fail.
  • Complete your presence. Besides a good outfit not forget. A discreet perfume or lotion, moderate (women), makeup, hairstyle sober and clean shoes.
  • Salutes personality. A firm handshake and a smile always give a good impression.
  • Avoid bad manners. Never chew gum during the interview, do not get distracted by your mobile phone or answer calls.

Focus on your goals and reach the interview with the best attitude. Follow these tips and you’ll be better prepared to interview excellently against the recruiter.

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