How to Join Pakistan Air Force After Graduation


Here is uplifting news for our respectable viewers that here at Rightjobspk we’ll talk about How to Join Pakistan Air force after Graduation, F.A, F.SC, ICS, ICOM & Matric. A large portion of us longing to join Pakistan Air force yet they don’t have the any idea about the best possible strategy about how to join Pakistan Air force, so to determine this issue we have built up this page where you’ll have all classes where you can apply in Pakistan Air force. Pakistan Air force is one of the main powers of Pakistan like Armed force and naval force. It is additionally working and battling like these two military not just it’s utilized for accommodation of people groups and transport yet these days it’s assuming its part in world wars and numerous other protective works. The most recent innovation of the airplanes is advanced step by step and is utilized as a part of numerous world wars and in different things moreover. The office is having solid arrangements and techniques to barrier the country. It offers the profession chances to the Students each year and has numerous fields and sought Students apply in their individual fields to land position. The criteria for applying in this field are accessible online and online enrollment is additionally done keeping in mind the end goal to apply right away and with no mistake.

Guidelines For How To Join Pakistan Air Force After Graduation

For our decent viewers at Rightjobs we have given at this page How to Join Pakistan Air Force after graduation; B.SC, B.COM, and B.A 2016. Here at this page we’ll talk about those jobs for which you can apply after Graduation and you can without any problem get to be officer in Pakistan Air force. Along these lines, read the accompanying directions and apply unreservedly for the jobs in Pakistan Air Force. Pakistan Air force is the best association and number of the general population, along with this association/office consistently. Number of the openings for work is offered to the Students on the premise of their training. As now we are going to examine about the criteria of its joining after graduation degrees. This division offers to be pilot just as well as there are different fields to go along with one can go along with this field of its own longing. So we should begin from its criteria of joining and what are fundamental prerequisites for this field. Joining after graduation i.e. B.A, B.SC and B.COM one have to do SCC courses after graduation.


Determination Strategy:

  • As a matter of first importance a test is directed from moderate level of material science and English subject.
  • After test a meeting is directed from the Students.
  • What’s more, the third procedure after meeting is therapeutic test for Students.
  • After that preparatory therapeutic test is continue to ISSB Karachi and they direct a Fitness test.
  • In last determination depends on PAF central command on legitimacy.

Ineligibility criteria

  • A candidate whose enrollment is found in more than one spot is not qualified to apply.
  • A man who is released from any administration occupation can’t have any significant bearing.
  • An applicant why should found be included in any criminal case in not able to apply.
  • Those competitors who attempt to roll out any improvement in their declarations are not permitted.
  • What’s more, those competitors who showed up in the pilot’s examination more than three times are not qualified to apply.

Join PAF after Graduation

The PAF impels servicemen through various extraordinary reasons SSC Instigation (SSC) and SSC Impelling (SSC). All the female and male nationals of Pakistan are welcome to apply for the commission. The SSC Incitement is offered in the designing branch, instruction branch, legitimate branch, meteorological, air wellbeing and guard branch. Candidates meeting the required criteria and have capability can apply for the short commissions reported by the PAF.

Vital 2016 Affectation Date for 118 Non GD Short Administration Commission/SPSSC Course, Commission Course, 142 Gross domestic product, 27 Air Barrier and 88 Aeronautical Building Course.


Required Physical Models:

Both male and female can apply for the short administration courses. Male applicants ought to have 5 feet and 4 inches height and female ought to have least 4 feet 10 inches can apply for the SSC Impelling.

Designing Branch:

Male nationals of Pakistan can apply at the building center through the SSC Prompting as a pilot officer. The most extreme age permitted to apply for the commission is 30 years till the declaration of notice in PAF. The twenty-week instructional class will be offered to every single chose understudy to gain a building degree to advance get hands-on involvement in the designing center. Applicants having a four year certification in building with no less than 62% imprints from any perceived national or global establishment are qualified to apply. Nonetheless, specialization of applicants in concoction, telecom, and PC designing is favored.

Instruction Branch:

The pilot officers are enrolled in the instruction center as a clinician. Male natives with greatest 30 years old can apply. Candidates had practical experience in brain research with a no less than second division from any of the perceived colleges can apply for the commission. Notwithstanding, Students with the specialization in clinical brain science should be given inclination. The Students will be given 20 weeks training after determination and enlistment at the PAF foundations.

A&SD Structural Building Branch:

Candidates with BSc/BE in Structural Building with no less than 2.5 CGPA or 63% imprints in the yearly training framework from any nearby or Pakistani college perceive by advanced education commission. Be that as it may, Students must be enlisted with Pakistan Designing Board. The age of the candidates applying for the commission must not surpass 30 years. Effective candidates will experience 20 week training period to get the rank of a pilot.

Legal Branch:

The PAF additionally incites proficient Pakistanis in the lawful center to take care of legitimate matters. Candidates with a LLB in second division from a perceived college are qualified to apply. Be that as it may, Students with down to earth experience would be given inclination. Just male applicants are permitted to apply to the commission for the legal center. After consummation of the preparation time frame, the rank of pilot officers will be allowed to the applicants.


Meteorological Branch:

Applicants with Bosses in Material science, Math’s, Meteorology with no less than half stamps from any famous neighborhood or remote college can join the PAF through SSC Instigation. The selected candidates will facilitate give training on signs and meteorological gadgets amid the residency of training.