How to gain experience before landing for your first job

How to gain experience before landing for your first job

After all the years of your education when the fact hits you that you have zero experience in your field and you’re not eligible for the most desirable jobs that you had been aiming your whole academic life, you feel so discouraged. We people have a mindset that jobs in Pakistan are too hard to get, whereas the reality is we don’t try our best and rely on our qualification only.

 So the question is how would you land for your first job when the hiring company needs experience?Here are some ways through which you can acquire experience along with your studies going right well.


Good internships always help. In between your summer and winter breaks from your institutes, schools or universities you must opt for different internships in the desired field that you wish to work in the future. As we know internships does not require any kind of experience and companies hire students and fresh graduates for their intern’s positions. Internships can be both paid and unpaid. For this you can search good companies for internships but the major goal of internships is to get experience before actually stepping into your professional career where experience matters the most.


 A freelancer is someone is who is particularly self-employed and not committed to any organization or company. Freelancer offers services to the clients and sometimes to the multiple clients. These services are commonly offered through proliferation of apps like Upwork, Peopleperhour, Toptal, Elance and many more. The major benefit of freelancing is that you usually work from home and you don’t have strict office timings,you can work at anytime from anywhere and this adds up in your experience as well.


In the course of your academic life try to interconnect and socialize with different people in order to build links. Join organizations and different communities to socialize with people. Creating friendly relations with your teachers is also a key to get them help you in clutching good jobs later. links and references always help you in getting your first job.

Finding jobs in your campus

It is always hard to manage jobs with studies when your work and studies do not happen to be in the same place. However, you can always look for jobs in your campus premises. For this intent, you can take your teacher’s help because they might engage you in their research work, or they can take your assistance in dealing with student affairs. Apart from that you can also look for jobs in your desired field for example administration, management, lab assistants etc. This helps you to avoid the hustle you usually face while rushing between you job and campus. This always help you in managing your work-studies balance and along with that this helps you to get experience without disturbing your academic life.

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