How to Do a Perfect interview Make A Good Impression At Your Interview

This, apparently so obvious, basic advice is perhaps the most often remains unfulfilled. For many people, especially the young, wear a tailor suit or tie. But even for those companies that do not enforce a dress code on their employees, a certain dress code is important, especially on the first few occasions. Always remember that when you go to a job interview it is essential to make a good first impression.

In this society things continue to enter through the eyes, and, even if it has nothing to do, a first value judgment is always made on the basis of appearance. It is therefore advisable to always present a neat, tidy and neat look. When we want to buy something the appearance of the seller gives us confidence or suspicion, and it will depend on whether we ultimately buy or not. Well, in a job interview you are the salesmen and the product.

Clearly, this classic image often includes factors other than clothing, such as hair (its length, color, style) and other bodily complements. Where to put the limit? First you have to get the job, and then you can worry about that other question. Once you have joined the company, and have a closer relationship with your co-workers, you can begin to transgress a little unwritten rules. The respect to which you have right whatever your appearance is equal to the respect you owe to the opinions that others have of you for the same. So, why not let them get accustomed little by little?

Know your own Curriculum

When you go to an interview is usually because you’ve spent a first screen with your Curriculum Vitae (CV), but that does not mean you will not ask about it. Therefore, you should be prepared to answer all kinds of questions, including some that have your answer in the CV. This is very easy to do, just go through point by point, with the CV ahead, thinking about how you could extend the information you offer, what more data can be interesting, what can arouse the curiosity of the interviewer … Now that it starts To become more and more customary to include the section “Hobbies”, you should not be surprised that your partner share any of them, and this can play in your favor, as long as you are able to speak intelligently about it.

Think of everything that appears written, how was the stay in the University, or in the Institute? Where, how and why did you get those other skills and / or knowledge that are not part of life or the normal academic agenda? Why did you leave or get kicked out of that other job? What do you think you can contribute to the company? For all this and more you have to have an answer. Even for the most destabilizing and unexpected of questions, often done with the intention of catching you by surprise and tinkering a bit.

Speak clearly and correction

is not so difficult, and sometimes can even arrange a negative first impression. Remember that we are talking about the world of work, and you are trying to sell an idea, the idea that you are optimal for that position. That includes the concept that you know how to express yourself, and knowing how to express yourself means not only speaking with a clear and sure tone, and with confidence (remember that you are subject to an examination, but that all the questions you ask are questions that you know Response), but also use correct language. You do not have to be refined, or cultured, just be right. Just as you do not speak to your parents the same as your friends, you should not do it with your bosses either. Colloquial words, such as garments or informal complements, leave them for when you spend time in the company and know how far you can go and how far not with your colleagues or superiors. He thinks that the immense wealth of Castilian in slang words does not have to be known by your interlocutor. But there are more formal and more common words that are sure to understand perfectly.

Be also precise, do not exaggerate giving information that has not been asked. Always go to the point, the crux of the matter. No vague details. Only open-ended questions are answered openly. But if you are asked something concrete, answer something concrete.

Finally, be kind. You have to show that you can integrate in the company, that you are going to congenial or that it is easy to congeny with you, that your entry will not pose problems of adaptation neither for you nor for your future co-workers.

Control your gestures

are many companies who use the services of psychologists or executives with specific training for reading body language. Be sure that everything you do in the presence of one of these people will be analyzed in detail, from the position where you feel how far and how you support your hands, where you put your eyes and how you move your hands. And everything has a meaning.

It is normal to be nervous about a job interview, but think you will not be asked anything you do not know. There are many gestures that indicate nervousness, but you do not have to worry about that, they already know that you are nervous; They look for other characteristics in your personality. You have to be a sure person of yourself, and know exactly who you are and what you want. What else do you need to know?

Do not cross arms or legs. That is to adopt a defensive posture, it seems that you have to cover something. As you are obviously not afraid of the interviewer, you may fear that he or she will discover something you want to hide. Maybe in your CV? If you are a confident person you are not afraid, if you are not afraid you do not have to cover yourself, if you do not have to cover yourself you do not have to cross your arms or legs.

Do not exaggerate your confidence. Sit up straight, with your back straight, because if you lie down too much gives the impression of being relaxed, perhaps exaggerating to give an impression that is not true, or because the other person does not inspire respect. Never be a liar or a disrespectful person.

Hands, still as far as possible. The Spaniards, as a Latin people, are given to gesturing, and that is not bad. But it is not necessary to always be fussy, because if you need to gesture to make you understand then it is that you are not expressing clearly. Keep your hands on your legs, or on your knees. Do not take the arms of the chair, or the armchair, or put your hands together in your lap. Do not play with anything.

Smile. They do not want to hire you because of your sympathy, but if the environment allows, you do not have to be serious. You have to be a person of easy treatment that is going to integrate in your company. Depression can be a cause of medical loss, but no company has ever had to lose one of its employees’ hours of work for their joy or sympathy.

Look your interlocutor in the eyes. Being shy is not a crime, but if you have confidence in yourself, you have to be able to look into the eyes of the people you talk to. If you look the other way or you lie or you are afraid. Neither of these two options will help you get that job.

All in all, you have to show respect, attention, trust, interest, and ease of treatment. The job is important to you, and so is the interviewer.

Be yourself / a

Here comes the contradiction. Did not we just tell you what to do? Does that mean that everything you just read is a lie?

No. You have to do all of the above, but never forget who you are. Your experience, knowledge or, simply, interest, make you the right person for that position. You have to convey that idea, but in your work is always included the possibility of improvement, and you will only get it if you like what you do. Whoever interviews you does not want you to give him reason like fools, he knows that he can hear an answer that he may not like at all, but if you realize that, you have to be able to convince him that you have enough capacity and Interest to make it not a problem. If you are doing an interview for a job where you are likely to be more than two months, the company wants to know in advance that you are not going to represent a problem, that your personality can adapt or complement those of other employees, And that they can not know if you do not show them how you are before.

If you are happy as a robot, without emotion, it will be more difficult to integrate into the group, and for that you can always buy another computer.

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