Public Holidays in Pakistan of 2017 Regional and National


Check upcoming Regional and National Holidays in Pakistan of 2017.

List of National and Regional Public holidays of Pakistan in 2017

Date Weekday Holiday Name Holiday Type
Jan 1 Sunday New Year’s Day Optional Holiday
Feb 5 Sunday Kashmir Day Public Holiday
Mar 13 Monday Holi National holiday, Hinduism
Mar 20 Monday March equinox Season
Mar 23 Thursday Pakistan Day Public Holiday
Apr 14 Friday Good Friday Christian, Common Local holidays
Apr 16 Sunday Easter Sunday Observance
Apr 17 Monday Easter Monday National holiday, Christian
Apr 21 Friday Eid e-Rizwan Optional Holiday
Apr 24 Monday Shab e-Meraj Optional Holiday
May 1 Monday Labour Day Public Holiday
May 5 Friday Shab e-Barat Optional Holiday
Jun 21 Wednesday June Solstice Season
Jun 26 Monday Eid-ul-Fitr Day 1 Public Holiday
Jun 27 Tuesday Eid-ul-Fitr Day 2 Public Holiday
Jun 28 Wednesday Eid-ul-Fitr Day 3 Public Holiday
Jun 29 Thursday Eid-ul-Fitr Day 4 Public Holiday
Jul 1 Saturday July 1 Bank Holiday Bank Holiday
Aug 14 Monday Independence Day Public Holiday
Sep 2 Saturday Eid-ul-Azha Day 1 Public Holiday
Sep 3 Sunday Eid-ul-Azha Day 2 Public Holiday
Sep 4 Monday Eid-ul-Azha Day 3 Public Holiday
Sep 5 Tuesday Eid-ul-Azha Day 4 Public Holiday
Sep 6 Wednesday Defence Day Observance
Sep 22 Friday September equinox Season
Sep 30 Saturday First Day of Ashura Public Holiday
Oct 1 Sunday Second Day of Ashura Public Holiday
Oct 19 Thursday Diwali/Deepavali National holiday, Hinduism
Nov 9 Thursday Iqbal Day Optional Holiday
Nov 10 Friday Chelum Optional Holiday
Dec 1 Friday Eid Milad un-Nabi Public Holiday
Dec 21 Thursday December Solstice Season
Dec 24 Sunday Christmas Eve Observance
Dec 25 Monday Christmas Day Public Holiday
Dec 25 Monday Quaid-e-Azam Day Public Holiday
Dec 26 Tuesday Day After Christmas Public Holiday
Dec 31 Sunday New Year’s Eve Observance


Then Start Planning for Your Holiday Spending Now

Despite all the issues regarding corruption, extremism and inflation, we love Pakistan more than anything.

Really, between all the hustle and negativity, we have neglected the positive aspects of our beloved country completely. Pakistan is a land of beautiful, breathtaking scenery with astounding natural beauty and mesmerizing locations. Since, you’re planning onto exploring its beauty, we have compiled the best tourist destinations to visit the coming year keeping in mind the holidays in Pakistan.

The mighty mountains, the magnificent landscapes and the soothing greenery brings you the soulful combination of life and peace. Each of the mentioned places below are unique in their own enchanting manner. And trust us, the pictures do not do any justice to what’s waiting for you out there.   


The scenic beauty of Hunza lies in the heart the legendary Karakorum. The word, ‘earthly paradise’ is definitely the perfect way to describe this piece of semi-autonomous state. The people of Hunza rightfully belong into its fairytale meadows. They are known for their beauty, simplicity and food. The snowcapped mountains and the lush greenery makes each soul wonder about the actual paradise.

Summertime here is more than just unpolluted air, the place turns into a fruit junction with pears, juicy apricots, peachy peaches and grapes. But most of all, the captivating sight of falling autumn and blossoming spring has the power to leave you petrified. The valley is surrounded with incredible glaciers and high peaks.

The spot attracts thousands of tourists every year, who spend their time enjoying the peace and unaltered nature.

Neelum Valley

Just opposite Keran in Kashmir lies the Blue Gem Valley with all its might. It literally fits the description of a Blue Gem. From the north of Azaad Kashmir – Muzaffarabad – to Tau Butt makes the Neelum Valley.

One of the most ethnic sights, Neelum Valley qualifies as the epitome of beauty. With brooding forests, freshwater streams, singing brooks, river and lush greenery, the valley is the ultimate definition of serenity.

Kutton Jagran, Karen, Neelum, Ratti Galli, Athmuqam ,Baboon, Noori top, Sharda, Sharda Fort, Sharda University Kel, Surgon, Halmet, Taobut are some of the many famous places situated here.



If you’re planning a trip to the Northern Areas then Swat has to become your top tourism agenda.

The most bizarre piece of information is, the place being the sacred cradle to Buddhism which once upon a time flourished here with 1400 monasteries. Another major historic fact regarding the valley is the lethal battles which were fought over this land by Alexander the Great and other Muslim conquerors.  

A lush green fertile valley, Swat features fruit laden orchards, slopes embellished with flowers along with the great Swat River. Linked to the valley are places, which are worth more than a single visit. They include Saidu Sharif, Kalam, Madyan, Bahrain, and the town of Mingora.


Skardu lies in the extreme north of our country. The place to experience wilderness and serenity. The center of Gilgit- Baltistan, Skardu is known for its springs and affectionate people. Followed by Jaglot, the seven hour journey ends at the sight of remarkable glory.

Primarily known for its high peaks, Skardu is attraction to climbers. You may even see them getting ready for the expedition here. The place offers direct flights from Islamabad as well.

The starry detail of Skardu is the Shangrila Resort. Just after the crossing of the River Indus, you encounter the beautiful sight of the famous tourist spot. About 25 minutes away by drive, Shangrila is paradise on earth. The rest house is built inside an aircraft which makes it more attractive.


The peaceful region of Chitral lies in the North-Western Region of Pakistan. In the heart of Hindukush Mountains, Chitral offers majestic view of the Tirch Mir. The history has left the region with marks of Turkish and Persian ancestry.  The people of Chitral practice unique culture, simple values, and are known for peace.

Chitral is famous for the Kalash people who inhabit the southwestern part of the region. Polo also known as the “Game of the Kings” is best seen here for Chitral is the land of its origin. The participants are skillful and daring who play the sport in traditional style. Every year, Polo tournament is held near Chitral at Shandur Pass between the rival teams.

The flight to Chitral is of approx… 50 minutes from Peshawar. For an adventurous journey, you can also opt for the road. The spectacular journey starts from Peshawar to Dir and ends just after Lowari Pass.

Kalash Valley

Pay a visit to this valley during summer-time and get positively affected by the happiness oozing from the people of this valley. It is located in the Chitral District of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan. The valley carries a controversial historic background. Kailash is famous for its old Greek civilization. The people of Kalash Valley are called Kailash and the place is also named after it.

One of the major attractions of our country, its history runs back to the Greek civilization. The houses are built here along the banks. The community follows a various different religions, values and beliefs. All of these and the fascinating cultural festivities makes the place an ideal tourist spot.


Naran Kaghan

Naran is largely known for its domestic holiday location for tourists. Part of district Mansehra, the tourist spot has so much to offer. Naran is visited by more than 2 million people each year. There are various locations in Naran but the most interesting of all is the gorgeous Lake Saiful-Malook. This lake is popular for its beauty all over the country.

Saiful Malook is the headline of Northern areas, Pakistan. During summer-time, Naran is full of tourists and buzzing with energy. Naran’s top point is Babusar which is at an elevation of 13600 feet. Some famous places of Naran include Shogran, Sharan, Lalusar Lake, Siri Paye Meadows, Lalazar Meadows and Nori Top. We wish you very best of luck for your holidays in Pakistan.

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