FPSC Jobs: Federal Public Service Commission Career Guide

The Federal Public Service Commission FPSC is the Ordering body to direct the Exams for the Jobs in the Pakistan. What’s more, Numerous Splendid people whose need to land the positions People in FPSC was set up without precedent for English India in 1926.

FPSC Jobs Post Contains

  1. Applying ONLINE
  2. Assurance OF Administration OF THE COMMISSION
  4. Tips For the FPSC JOBS Exam
  5. Step by Step instructions to pass FPSC Exam in first try
  6. Showing Up before the questioner/amid meeting
  8. Frequently Asked inquiries:
  9. Instructions for the application submission

After autonomy, the Commission was set up in Pakistan in 1947 under the procurement of Legislature of India Act, 1935. At present, the commission is working under article 242 of the constitution of Islamic Republic of Pakistan. It has been given independence under the Tenets of Business, 1973 and FPSC Controls, 1978 in its working. 

The Commission has been given authoritative and in addition, to some degree, monetary self-governance to perform its capacities freely. The Commission comprises of an Administrator and Individuals. The director is delegated by the President of Islamic republic of Pakistan, in his carefulness, under Article 242 (IA) of the Constitution of Islamic Republic of Pakistan, 1973.

The individuals are delegated by the President on the counsel of the Head administrator of Pakistan. The Commission is helped by the Secretary who gives a connection among the Commission, its Secretariat and the Administration Organizations. The term of the workplace of individuals is:

  1. Individual from the Commission should hold office for a settled term from the date on which he enters upon office and might not be qualified for re-arrangement.
  2. A Part may leave his office by composing under his hand tended to the President.

In the event that where confirmation certificate has not yet been gotten through post, the competitors may take the printout of Online Certificate and show up for exam at the assigned focus alongside their unique CNIC.

Applying ONLINE:

The Application Charge for posts (BS-16 and 17 = Rs. 300/ – ; BS 18= Rs. 750/ – ; BS-19 = Rs. 1200/ – ; BS-20 and above=Rs. 1500/ -) might be kept in the closest Government treasury or in a branch of National Bank of Pakistan or in a State treasury approved to execute business in the interest of Government under head “C02101-ORGANS OF STATE EXAMINATION Expense Acknowledged BY FPSC”. Bank draft/Check/Postal Request is not acceptable.

Assurance OF Administration OF THE COMMISSION

The Commission may work without the impedance of the Administration or some other weight, as Individual from the Commission can’t be expelled from his office without the guidance of the Incomparable Legal Board of Pakistan, which comprises of:

  1. Chief Justice of Pakistan
  2. Two next most senior Judges of the Preeminent Court of Pakistan
  3. Two senior Justice of High court, (Segment 6 of FPSC Mandate, 1977 and article 209 of the Constitution).

In perspective of above security an Individual from the Commission can, in this manner, works with no weight.

For the FPSC Exams Arrangement with the Online Test For Arrangements Model Example Paper and Example Subject Astute are given here you should begin the Online Test and get online preparation.


The Commission comprises of an Executive and the Individuals. The Administrator is delegated by the President of Islamic republic of Pakistan, in his watchfulness, under Article 242 (IA) of the Constitution of Islamic Republic of Pakistan, 1973.

The individuals are delegated by the President on the counsel of the Head administrator of Pakistan. The Commission is helped by the Secretary who gives a connection among the Commission, its Secretariat and the Administration Organizations.

Tips for the FPSC JOBS Exam:

  1. First of all, be moderate in contemplating. Try not to concentrates excessively; simply prepare imperative parts of the related Subject.
  2. Look at 5 years past papers, it will help a great deal and will be great aide for starting planning.
  3. Just 3 to 4 months of preparation will be sufficient.
  4. Your first endeavor ought to be intended to go to CE, the greater part of the general population simply attempt to test themselves and they show up in the exam with no readiness.
  5. Avoid those individuals who demoralize you.
  6. Daily to 2 to 3 hours of study will be sufficient.
  7. Science students must decide on Material science, since its high scoring subject with you exertion you can score 120-140 effortlessly in both physical science papers.
  8. Your principle center ought to be on English precise, essay and Islamiyat.
  9. Psychology, Reporting and human science are viewed as high scoring subjects. As indicated by authority FPSC report, half individuals pass these subjects even without having earlier information.
  10. I can say there are numerous thousand individuals who can possibly qualify CSS however they don’t know about their potential. They simply accept on others individuals and think of it as extremely difficult and don’t much try to show up in the exam. It incorporates Specialists, Engineers, and other science students.
  11. Every Years more than 12000 individuals show up in the CSS out of which just 2000 lucky people accompany genuine arrangement; rest of all come clear. Out of these 2000, 500 pass the CSS. It’s not a big deal … each one in five clear the exam.
  12. FPSC authority report is accessible on their Site. Most importantly read it completely unmistakably it is said what number of students go in each subject .for the point of interest visit FPSC site.
  13. Don’t be debilitate at any stage in 2 months before the exam, put your everything endeavors.

Step by step instructions to pass FPSC Exam in first try:

  • Preparation
  • Do scrutinize on your subject before the meeting.
  • Work on talking by making inquiry from yourself. It may be better in the event that you take assistance from one of your companion.
  • Best English aptitude is the way to achievement.
  • Go alone for practice.
  • Be set up to meet different applicants.
  • Recollect your instruction, preparing and encounter—what you have done.
  • Recollect that every one of the aptitudes, capacities and gifts you have that will make you a fabulous worker.
  • Study General books, news paper and so forth.
  • Take all Important papers/records.
  • Remember all your past experience of meetings, and attempt to keep away from all the errors you did some time recently.

Some Inquiries

  • In what capacity will you present yourself?
  • Have you inquired about for the post for which you will be met?
  • Why you view yourself as most suited individual for the post?
  • Why do you feel you can carry out the occupation?
  • What makes you fit the bill for the job?
  • Do you think about job obligations?

You’re dressing and appearance

  • All garments ought to be flawlessly squeezed. Attempt to wear new garments.
  • Spotless, cleaned shoe.
  • Spotless and all around prepped haircut.
  • Spotless, trimmed fingernails.
  • Unfilled pockets – no loud coins.
  • No gum, treat or cigarettes.
  • On meeting morning, give additional 30 minutes to your appearance.

Present yourself

  • This is the most imperative point in meeting, coming up short which can out you from the rundown. So give much time to think about yourself. You should set up these focuses.

Personal and Instruction

This part is utilized to give the questioner applicable data concerning you actually and about your instructive foundation. This does exclude individual data, for example, conjugal status, kids, and so on. The instruction ought to be either the most recent acquired and/or significant field if important to occupation objective.

Past/Present meetings

This part is utilized to impart to the questioner over a significant time span work encounters applicable to the occupation objective.

Life/Vocation Goals

This part is about your life/Vocation goals. These destinations ought to pertinent to the job.

Why you are here?

You have the information and work experience important to the occupation that is the reason you are here.

Showing up before the questioner/amid meeting

  • Present yourself with inviting talks.
  • Show interest for what the questioner is stating, by gesturing your head and inclining toward him/her at times.
  • Give positive responses to negative-based inquiries.
  • Look.
  • Keep a grin all over amid the meeting.
  • Answer amenably, and attempt to unwind.
  • Concede when you don’t have a clue.
  • Give precise data.
  • Keep agreeable environment with the questioners.
  • Listen painstakingly to the inquiries inquired. Request that the questioner restate an inquiry in the event that you are confounded.
  • Answer the inquiries in the dialect in which you are inquired.
  • Don’t attempt to be over associate.
  • Put forth positive expressions.

Things to stay away from

  • Poor individual appearance.
  • Absence of interest.
  • Poor learning about your future and past experience.
  • Poor eye contact with questioner.
  • Unessential responses to address.
  • Powerlessness to convey what needs be unmistakably; poor voice, poor word usage, poor language structure.
  • Absence of getting ready for profession, no reason or objectives.
  • Absence of certainty and balance, apprehensive, jittery.
  • Rationalizing.
  • Absence of development.
  • Mistakes in Application Structure.

After the interview:

  • Thanks the questioners for their time.
  • Say “Salam” at leaving the seat.


  • Purpose of Foundation: Psychological Evaluation Wing was set up in 1963. Its principle capacity is to help the Commission in determination and position of possibility for different jobs and occupations. It is additionally in charge of every specialized perspective identified with test development, advancement and so on.
  • Objective of Psychological Assessment: The target of Psychological Evaluation is to gauge candidate’s capacities and identity attributes with uncommon respect to their bent for the general population administrations. FPSC has been utilizing a mix of the major Psychological methods i.e. paper and pencil tests; circumstance tests with formulated perception strategies; and Psychological meeting.
  • Psychological Assessment is led for the instigation into Word related gatherings of Common Administrations in taking after classifications.

Procedure Included:

  • Different practices spread more than two days.
  • a) On the main day, a candidate is given composed tests.
  • b) On the second day, the applicant takes part in gathering exercises and meeting with the Therapists.

Important Notes:

  • No preparation of the candidates is required for Psychological Tests. They simply react to the inquiries uninhibitedly and Express genuine emotions and conclusions.
  • The candidates need to bring supporting records for additional curricular exercises, work experience, productions and so forth.
  • Handicapped applicants in the classifications of physically weakened, hearing/discourse debilitated and outwardly disabled must say in their application shape unmistakably about their temperament of inability and kind of help/offices required at the season of composed and additionally Psychological evaluation.
  • Cautions: Cell Telephone, Pagers, Advanced Journals or whatever other specialized gadgets are not permitted in Testing and additionally aggregate talk and meeting room.

Frequently Asked inquiries:

Question No. 1

What is the motivation behind Psychological Assessment?

The goal of Psychological Assessment is to gauge capacities and identity qualities of the competitors with extraordinary respect to their inclination for the common administrations i.e. whether they have the potential and qualities, which are required as an individual from the common administrations of Pakistan.

  • Question No. 2

To what extent does the Psychological Evaluation last?

The complete procedure includes diverse activities spread more than two working days.

  • Question No. 3

What ought to be the dress at the season of Psychological Assessment?

To adjust to the custom of the event, the applicants ought to dress legitimately, suitable to the climate, secure done, and so on and the individuals who don’t keep a whiskers must be naturally shaved. Casual dress, for example, Shirts, Pants/Denims, and so forth is not attractive for the event.

  • Question No. 4

What kind of Planning is required For Psychological Assessment?

No planning is required for Psychological Tests. Simply act naturally, react to the inquiries unreservedly. Express genuine emotions, feelings, and judgments and so forth according to reality on ground.

  • Question No. 5

Will one show up in the Viva Voce on the off chance that one couldn’t show up in the Psychological Tests?


Fee for online Application:

  • The Application Expense for posts (BS-14, 16 and 17 = Rs. 300/ – ; BS 18= Rs. 750/ – ; BS-19 = Rs. 1200/ – ; BS-20 and above=Rs. 1500/ – )
  • Might be kept in the closest Government treasury or in a branch of National Bank of Pakistan or in a State treasury approved to execute business in the interest of Government under head C02101-ORGANS OF STATE EXAMINATION Charge Acknowledged BY FPSC.
  • Bank draft/Check/Postal Request is not accepted.

Instructions for the Application submission:

1. All cases will be handled according to Commission’s arrangement set down when all is said in done Guidelines as showed at FPSC’s Site. Applicants are exhorted

2. All applications for General Enlistment in BS-16 or more should be submitted online through FPSC’s site www.fpsc.gov.pk. Point by point General Directions/rules to apply online are accessible on the site. No printed version of online application is required from the candidates. Be that as it may, those candidates who don’t have entry to web office are permitted to present their applications at the very latest the end date i.e. 18.4.2016 tended to Secretary FPSC on plain paper giving point by point particulars in the light of recommended conditions for the post connected for, suggesting challenges in accommodation of online applications. Such applications will be acknowledged subject to endorsement of the Commission.

3. It will be obligatory for the contender to bring CNIC, Treasury Receipt and downloaded duplicate of Affirmation Authentication at the season of Screening/Composed Test. (The hopefuls ought to understand that nothing with the exception of unique Treasury Receipt would be acceptable as a substantial archive. It is repeated that the competitors must protect the first T.R and don’t send the same to FPSC office ahead of time, in order to keep away from any disservice at the season of passage in the Examination Lobbies).

4. The Pre-choice criteria for meeting will be according to arrangement of the Commission contained in Para – 16 (A,B&C) of General Guidelines, the applicants will be required to outfit bore witness to duplicates of essential reports viz: two photos, Matric, Masters, M.Phil, PhD Degrees, CNIC, Experience Authentication( where required) demonstrating nature of employment/point by point set of working responsibilities issued by an approved officer of the Service/Division/Office concerned, Habitation Testament, Departmental Consent Endorsement (if there should arise an occurrence of government worker) and also Unique TR (in non-test cases) and so on inside 15 days of the Notification from FPSC by post, SMS and Email. The applicants who neglect to outfit the essential archives inside stipulated time or outfit mistaken/fragmented data their candidature should be subject to dismissal. Accordingly, they are encouraged to keep their records prepared for accommodation to FPSC by the due date. From demand of records it ought not to be assumed that the hopeful is preselected. Qualification of the hopefuls in all regards should be figured up to the closing date.