How to Find Female Jobs Opportunities in Lahore

Female Jobs Opportunities in Lahore: From past 30 years Pakistani women have been changed. Now they are more emancipated and empowered than they were ever in the past. Women of Pakistan have been working hard shoulder to shoulder with men in every industry without any hesitation. They have been granted their rights and females themselves are well aware of their rights and privileges. In all the cities of Pakistan females have been going out and earning well for the survival of their needs and families. Among the small cities of Pakistan this trend is not very common but in larger cities it is a very familiar trend that females work outside their houses.

Lahore is along with the biggest cities of Pakistan and it has a large number of industries conducting their business in Lahore and they have been providing equal opportunities for females to work in all the sectors. There are many roles that females can perform from the labor level to operational, managerial, production and top management level. Pakistan’s major career society of specialized women look for consultancy, motivation, and the tools needed to be successful in the workplace.

Female graduates tend to seek jobs as they Leave University; as compared to males they are more enthusiastic and eager about their career and look for earning opportunities within their education period and also afterwards. As there are many job opportunities in Lahore city for female students who wants to. Men enjoy higher salary packages than female this was a perception that people used to carry in the past but in the modern era of 21st century Lahore city females are earning the same as men either they are working from offices or home.

Lahore city is the hub of multinational, national and private companies. Lahore city provides vast range of job opportunities for talented females, jobs are highly paid. Lahore is the biggest city of Punjab province with millions of employment opportunities for females. Females can find full time as well as part time jobs in Lahore in various divisions where they are responsible for performing different roles. Lahore city plays the role of backbone in providing wide range of job categories for females. All sort of jobs are available for females which includes fields of;

  • Information technology
  • Marketing
  • Fast Moving Consumer Goods
  • Media
  • Banking
  • Financial jobs
  • Accounting
  • Courier/logistics
  • Freelancing
  • Software
  • Insurance
  • Marketing and sales
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Professional services
  • Government
  • Army
  • Air force
  • Navy
  • Police
  • Hotel management
  • Biotech
  • Teaching sector
  • Administrative staff

Female Jobs Opportunities in Lahore for following Fields

These are various fields in which females in Lahore are provided equal opportunity to do job and there are many jobs that keep on coming as new opportunities emerge in the market. There are different online job portals for updating the jobs available in different industries all the jobs are posted along with its job description and job specification; there are also specific sites or job search applications on which specifically jobs for females are posted. There are both high end and low end jobs providing high and low pay scales; some of the jobs posted among many of the fields for females in Lahore are:

  • Female lecturers
  • Female chief executive officers
  • Female Tele-marketing
  • Call center representative
  • Female PMO assistant
  • Female junior school and art teacher
  • Female accountant
  • Female country representative
  • Female receptionist
  • Female chartered accountants
  • Female designer interns
  • Female Sales executive
  • Female IELTS (English language and testing services) spoken English teacher
  • Female Accountant
  • Female computer operator
  • Female front desk officer
  • Female Telesales executive
  • Female Internees for Information technology department
  • Female administration staff for school
  • Female office coordinator
  • Female Need female photographers
  • Female customer support executive
  • Female Wardens for hostels
  • Female doctors
  • Female Officers
  • Female beauticians
  • Female Human resource manager
  • Female human resource executive
  • Female business development executive
  • Female Marketing managers
  • Female assistant marketing manager
  • Female Marketing executives
  • Female marketing officer
  • Female chief finance officer
  • Female finance executives
  • Female Project manager
  • Female IT manager
  • Female sales executive
  • Female call center representative
  • Female Copy writer
  • Female leasing manager
  • Midwife
  • Female gynecologists
  • Female nurses
  • Female Computer operator
  • Female IT assistant manager
  • Female Java developer
  • Female Import executive
  • Female Php web developer
  • Female Office assistant
  • Female Office secretary
  • Female Quality control analyst
  • Female Architecture auto CAD operator
  • Female Graphic designer
  • Female Photoshop expert
  • Female System support engineer
  • Female Telemarketing executive
  • Female Computer operator
  • Female Blog writer
  • Female software development manager
  • Female guard for cinema checking
  • Female airport authority officers
  • Female police officers
  • Female chefs

Among many of the job posts that need to perform different tasks in the company as listed above. Some females still seek to prefer doing jobs from home. But in the modern era there is also a solution for that, there are many online freelancing sites that provide opportunities for females to work from home and perform the same job as they presume to do by sitting in the office and might be chance that their personal life may be neglected which is the priority of most females. But the choice is their own as all the doors are open for them to choose.

Along with many job posts and many opportunities there are still fields in which female candidates are preferred in Lahore in contrast to males because they have excelled in those fields and they have make their own ways. Fields like human resource, teaching and medicine.

There are many other ways to find jobs including; with the help of online job portals, directly submitting the resume to the companies, or attending different job fairs held in various institutions and meeting different representatives there of different firms, attending workshops and seminars for career counseling and career opportunities.

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