If you want to know about what is FEDERAL PUBLIC SERVICE COMMISSION (FPSC) and How FPSC Institute contribute and work in Pakistan? So in this article I will tell you about FPSC and how you can set out your career with it step by step.

Federal Public Service Commission Post Contains

  1. Introduction
  2. History
  3. Functions of the Commission
  4. Composition of the Commission
  5. CSS
  6. CSS Results
  7. Pay/Allowances of the Members/Chairman
  8. Secretary of FPSC
  9. Officers and Staff of the Commission
  10. Chairman FPSC
  11. Wings/Departments of FPSC
  12. Contact FPSC

Federal Public Service Commission (FPSC) of Pakistan


FPSC is abbreviation of “Federal Public Service Commission” which is a Federal Government of Pakistan institution and they are responsible for recruiting civil servants and bureaucrats in government of Pakistan. It is among the best trustworthy institutions in Pakistan and there is no reference or bribe involved in there hiring process. FPSC office is located in F-5/1 sector of Islamabad, it is near to parliament house of Pakistan, secartirate, Marriott hotel, PTV and other renowned places.


This public service commission was established in Pakistan in 1947 after the independence under the provision of Government of India act 1935, presently this commission is functioning under the article 242 of the constitution of Islamic republic of Pakistan. It was actually set up for the 1st time in in British rule time in sub-continent (British India) in 1926. This commission has been given administrative and to some extent financial autonomy to perform its functions independently.

Functions of the Commission

At present, the commission is functioning under article 242 of the constitution of Islamic Republic of Pakistan. It has been provided autonomy under the Rules of Business, 1973 and FPSC Regulations, 1978 in its working. The Commission has also been given administrative as well as, to some extent, financial autonomy to perform its functions independently.

The function of this commission is to conduct tests and examinations for recruitment of persons to All Pakistan Services, the civil services of the Federation and civil posts in connection with the affairs of the Federation in basic pay scales 16 and above or equivalent.

Another function of this commission is to advise the President on matters relating to qualifications for and methods of recruitment to, services and posts. FPSC also give advice to president On the principles to be followed in making initial appointments to the services and posts and in making appointments by promotion to posts in BS- 18 and above and transfer from one service or occupational group to another and on any other matter which the President may refer to the Commission.

Composition of the Commission

Federal public service Commission is consisting of a Chairman and the Members (11). The Chairman of FPSC is appointed by the President of Islamic republic of Pakistan, in his discretion which he has through Article 242 (IA) of the Constitution of Islamic Republic of Pakistan, 1973. The members are appointed by the President on the advice of the Prime Minister of Pakistan. The Commission is assisted by the Secretary who is an officer of BS-22 and he/she provides a link among the Commission (FPSC), its Secretariat and the Government Agencies.

There should be not more than 11 members present in commission at same time, numbers of members are fluctuating at if any time due to increase in work of commission or because of any other reasons if it is requiring to hire a new member, president of Pakistan on advise of Prime minister of Pakistan can appoint additional members. This appointment of additional members can be temporarily as per the requirement of the work.



FPSC recruit people through advertising the positions and conducting tests for those position. CSS is renown test in Pakistan, although it is not the official name of the test but it is commonly known as CSS (Central superior services) through this test FPSC recruits the bureaucrats who are then appointed in different departments, it is the biggest competitive exam of Pakistan.  It is very tough examination and every year thousands of candidates appear in this exam having dreams in their eyes that they will clear this exam and serve Pakistan in different departments but even after they prepare very hard for this only a maximum of 5% candidates are able to pass the exam.

CSS Results

Below is results of last 3 years which showed how tough it is to clear this exam,

CSS Results 2014 Candidates Applied 24,640
Candidates appeared 13,170
Candidates passed 439
Successful male candidates 294
Successful female candidates 145
Percentage 3.3%
CSS Results 2013 Candidates Applied 15,998
Candidates appeared 11,406
Candidates passed 238
Successful male candidates 172
Successful female candidates 66
Percentage 2.09%
CSS Results 2012 Candidates Applied 14,335
Candidates appeared 1006
Candidates passed 788
Successful male candidates 588
Successful female candidates 200
Percentage 7.8%

Pay/Allowances of the Members/Chairman

If a serving government official is appointed as member of the federal public service commission (FPSC) he should withdraw his pay as per his pay scale from where he is deputed to FPSC. And If during the time he is serving in FPSC and get promoted in his/ her original department, he shall withdraw his pay accordingly along with the increment from the date when is applicable.

If a retired government servant is appointed as a member of this commission he shall be paid as per his last drawn salary from any government organization.

All members are entitled for all allowances to serving government officers of the corresponding grade such as senior post allowance, local compensatory allowance, entertainment allowance, conveyance allowance, travelling allowance, medical treatment etc…

Pension is not allowed for a member, a member who is a retired government servant and reemployed as a member of FPSC is not entitled for any pension or gratuity other than what if he is already taking some because of his last post from which he is retired.

Any FPSC Member who was not a Government servant nor a retired Government servant at the time of his appointment as Member will be entitled to gratuity equal to one month’s pay for each completed year of service as Member, he will get a maximum of eight months’ pay as gratuity.

Secretary of FPSC

President of Pakistan or any authorized person appointed by him is eligible to appoint a secretary for FPSC, he/she should appoint a person from serving government servants by consultation of chairman of FPSC.  Secretary can serve for four years in FPSC after which his transfer is due however president does have rights that he/she can extend the term of secretary for as many tenure as president feels appropriate. Secretary’s retirement age should remain the same as of for the retirement age of Government servants from the service unless the president gives him/her extension to continue his service as secretary of FPSC.

Officers and staff of the Commission

The Chairman of FPSC or a person designated by him have authority to make appointments to various posts of Officers and Staff of the Commission as and when required.

Following are the number of posts and name of Posts in FPSC, 1at we start with the gazetted officers post,


S.#       Post Name                                                 BPS           No. of Posts

1-            Secretary                                                        21                         01

2-            Executive Director General                         21                         01

3-            Director General                                            20                        03

4-            Chief Psychologist                                        20                        01

5-            Chief I.T.                                                          20                        01

6-            Directors                                                          19                         09

7-            Senior Psychologist                                       19                         02

8-            Educational Consultant                                19                          01

9-            Deputy Chief I.T.                                            19                          01

10-          Deputy Directors                                            18                          13

11-          Psychologists                                                  18                           02

12-          Senior Research Officers                              18                           01

13-          System Analyst                                               18                           01

14-          Programmer                                                    18                           01

15-          Database Administrator                               18                           01

16-          Quality Assurance Officer                            18                           01

17-          Junior Programmer                                       17                           02

18-          Website Manager                                           17                           01

19-          Network Administrator                                 17                           01

20-          Assistant Psychologist                                  17                           04

21-          Data Control Officers                                    17                            03

22-          Research Officers                                          17                           03

23-          Assistant Directors                                        17                           35

24-          Private Secretary                                            17                           12

25-          Deputy Assistant Directors                          16                           11

26-          Assistant Librarian                                        16                           01

27-          Superintendent Record                                 16                           01

28-          System Operator                                             16                           03

29-          Computer Operator                                        16                           01

30-          Transport Officer                                            16                           01

31-          Assistant Database Administrator               16                           01

32-          Hardware Engineer                                        16                           01

33-          Assistant Network Administrator                16                           05

34-          Data Processing Assistant                            16                           18

Following is the list of non gazetted staff working in FPSC,

S.#       Post Name                                                  BPS                   No. of Posts   

1-            Stenographer                                                    15                           30

2-            Assistant in charge                                          15                           02

3-            Steno typist                                                       12                           47

4-            Statt. Assistant                                                 11                           06

5-            Assistant                                                            11                           64

6-            Security Supervisor                                         11                           01

7-           Library Assistant                                              11                           01

8-            Draftsman                                                         11                           01

9-            KPO                                                                    10                           15

10-          Terminal Operator                                          10                           02

11-          UDC                                                                    07                           35

12-          Telephone Operator                                        07                           02

13-          L.D.C.                                                                 05                           61

14-          Driver                                                                 04                           31

15-          D.R.                                                                     04                           02

16-          D.M.O.                                                                04                           03

17-          Electrician                                                          04                           01

18-          Lift Operator                                                     03                           03

19-          Book Sorter                                                        02                           01

20-          Daftry                                                                 02                           16

21-         Qasid                                                                   02                           14

22-          Naib Qasid                                                         01                           58

23-          Frash                                                                   01                           02

24-          Chowkidar                                                         01                           10

25-          Bus Cleaner                                                       01                           01

26-          Khakroob                                                           01                           10

One can apply for the above mentioned posts if he/she have the required qualification and relevant work experience.

Chairman and Members of FPSC

Below is the list of current Chairman and Members of FPSC,


  • Mr. Naveed Akram Cheema


  • Mr. Amjad Nazir
  • Mr. Imtiaz Hussain Kazi
  • Mr. Rizwan ul Haq Mahmood
  • Mr. Ahmed Bakhsh Lehri
  • Mr. Akhlaq Ahmad Tarrar
  • Mr. Mazhar Ali Khan
  • Mrs. Nargis Sethi
  • Mr. Ahmad Farooq
  • Mr. Aziz Ahmed Bilour
  • Secretary:              
  • Mr. Haseeb Athar

Director General (Admin/C&R)           

  • Dr. Syed Hyder Ali

Chief (IT)

  • Mr. Tahir Iqbal

Director General(Recruitment)            

  • Mr. Ramiz Ahmed

Director General (Research)                  

  • Ms Sabina Qureshi

Chairman FPSC

Currently Mr. Naveed Akram Cheema is chairman of FPSC, he is very known personality in Pakistan especially in civil service/ bureaucracy. He was appointed as chairman of FPSC by president of Pakistan on September 30, 2015 before this he served Pakistan at various positions. He was manager of Pakistan cricket team before his appointment as chairman FPSC, Mr. Cheema also served as chief secretary of Punjab and he is very seasonal and experienced bureaucrat. Mr. Cheema has replaced retired Maj-Gen Niaz Muhammad Khan Khattak.


Wings/Departments of FPSC

FPSC have following different departments or wings

  • Information technology wing
  • Legal Wing
  • Psychological assessment wing

Information Technology Wing

Information Technology Wing has been providing technical backbone to automate the processes involving recruitments for various posts and conduct of Competitive Examinations. Systems in place are both department and candidate centric.

Legal Wing

As cleared by name legal wing of FPSC is looking after the legal matters of the commission, these legal matters may be with other government organization or private organizations. This wing is also performing the following duties

If a candidate is not satisfied by any decision of the Federal Public Service Commission can within thirty days of the decision, make a representation to the Commission and the Commission shall decide the representation within fifteen days after giving the candidate a reasonable opportunity of hearing. The decision of the Commission, subject to the result of review petition, shall be final.

If candidate is not satisfied with the decision of the Commission, he/she can submit a review petition within fifteen days of the decision, submit a review petition to the Commission and the Commission shall decide the review petition within thirty days under intimation to the petitioner.

Psychological Assessment Wing

This Wing was set up in 1963. The main purpose is to assist the Commission in selection and placement of candidates for various jobs and occupations. This wing is also responsible for all technical aspects related to test construction, development etc. The objective of Psychological Assessment is to estimate candidate’s abilities and personality characteristics with special regard to their aptitude for the public services. FPSC has been using a combination of the major psychological techniques i.e. paper and pencil tests; situation tests with devised observation techniques; and psychological interview.

Contact FPSC

To contact FPSC please use the below information,


Address: F-5/1 Aga Khan road, Islamabad.


Fax: +92-51-9203410

UAN: +92-51-111-000-248

Email[email protected] 

Regional OFFICE:

Following are the regional offices in different cities of Pakistan of FPSC,

H.M.2 Bath Island, Karachi
Ph: 021-9250926

31-Civic Centre, Mustafa Town,
Wahdat Road, Lahore

Plot No.29, Behind Rehman Medical Complex,
Sector B-2, Phase-V, Hayatabad, Peshawar
Ph: 091-9217337

No.758/A/A-2, Sharah Samungli,
Jinnah Town, Quetta.

House No.1, Gulsher Colony,
Eid gah Road, Konodas,
Near Sakarkovi, Opposite Amphary, Gilgit.
Ph/Fax: 05811-920687

House  No.10,Haider Street,
Shalimar Colony Multan.
Ph:  061-9239727

Bungalow No.B-41,
Professor Co-Operative Housing Society,
Shikarpur Road, Sukkur.
Ph/Fax: 071-5630510
House No.30, Shami Road, D.I.Khan Cantt.
Ph: 0333-5349158

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