FA Subjects For Fine Arts,General Science,Humanities Part 1/2

Are you examining for FA subjects (Faculty of Arts/ Intermediate of Arts) list for Part-I and Part-II in Pakistan? You have discovered the correct page to get this list of FA subjects deliberating to the BISE (Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education) programmed. Here you will fastening isolated list for Compulsory and Elective subjects for both parts.

After matriculation there are total Four Fields that you can join as your following educational career. These are:

  1. FSC (Intermediate of Science)
  2. ICS (Intermediate of Computer Science)
  3. ICOM (Intermediate of Commerce)
  4. FA (Faculty of Arts)

What is the Eligibility Criteria of FA?

After completing your matriculation exams in Science or Computer Science or General Science Subject with 1st division or 2nd Division, you become adequate to apply in universities and colleges for getting admission. Intermediate in Arts is basically a 2 year program just like the other programs of intermediate level study. The FA is a professional program equipped with core knowledge of General Science, Fine Arts or Humanities subjects. So, the students who have keen interest in fine arts, general science, humanities and other science subjects, they should drive for the FA program after accomplishment of matriculation. Government Colleges decisively give admissions on merit base while in private sector institutes give admissions without worth on self-finance or over other ways.


FA Stands For What?

Before starting my actual topic List of FA subjects in Pakistan, I would like to articulate you about word FA. The word FA is usually abbreviated as ‘Faculty of Arts’ or ‘Intermediate of Arts’.  Intermediate in arts, FA is the field for those students with arts background in matriculation and do don’t have any interest in science and computer related Subjects. Even If you failed to groove good marks in matriculation you can elect Intermediate in Arts as your future educational career line. The progression is basically designed for the students those have interest in Art and Sub-Domains of Arts Subjects simultaneously. The Faculty of Arts/ Intermediate of Arts is 2 years program. This program is designed in a way for the students to learn core knowledge of Arts Subjects. The field of FA (Intermediate of Arts) is further divided in Three Sub-domains, which are:

  • FA (Fine Arts Group/Simple FA)
  • FA (General Science Group)
  • FA (Humanities Group)

Let me elaborate each this above mentioned Group for your ease:

1. FA (Fine Arts Group/Simple FA)

In Simple FA or also called as Fine Arts Group, you do not read either Computer Subjects, Science Subjects nor General Science subjects. In fact in Simple FA group programmed is basically designed for the students that have interest in Fine Arts Subjects like Graphic Designing, Painting, Photography, Fashion, Music, Studio Art, Creative Writing, Calligraphy, Sculpturing, Designing, Illustration, Craft Making and Interior Designing.

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Just like other programs of intermediate in Pakistan, Intermediate in Fine Arts also have a bright future you can flourish your goals and dreams by exploring your interested field and subjects. You can even move you Pakistan Fashion Industry that is covering immense progress every day. NCA (National College of Arts) is best institute in Pakistan for Fine Arts studies they offer a list of Programs that includes Under Graduate, Post Graduate, Professional Diploma, Short Courses and Art For Humanity.

Compulsory Subjects of FA(Fine Arts or Simple FA Group) Part-I and Part-II

The thing to be noticed is either you have selected any degree or program for Intermediate, Compulsory Subjects are always same. You have no choice in it except, if you are Non-Muslim than you can select ‘Ethics’ instead of ‘Islamic Studies’

  • Urdu
  • English
  • Islamic Studies
  • Pak Studies/Ethics (For Non-Muslims)


Elective FA Subjects of General Science Part-I and Part-II

There is list of Subjects in FA that are being offered in elective subject’s list. The point to notice is “every college in Pakistan, offer its own available Elective Subjects List, often these subjects vary on the basis on provinces, teachers availability or students strength against particular subject.”

Here is the list of some most famous, generic elective subjects usually offered by various colleges in all over the Pakistan.

  • Punjabi
  • History
  • Economics
  • Education
  • IS Elective
  • Physical Education
  • Philosophy
  • Psychology
  • Physics
  • Civics
  • Islamic History
  • World History
  • Persian
  • French
  • Arabic
  • Advance Urdu
  • Literature
  • Mathematics
  • Statistics
  • Computer Science

2. FA (General Science Group)

FA (General Science Group) is basically design for the students who have little bit interest in Science Subjects and Basic Computer Subjects. FA General Science Group is the third most famous intermediate program after F.Sc and I.CS. The Students who got failed to have admissions in FSC or ICS they should go for this Program. Because they will get with their favorite Science Subjects after intermediate program in Graduation level Programs (BCom, BCom IT, BBA or other commerce management related fields).

Compulsory Subjects In FA of General Science Part-I and Part-II

  • Urdu
  • English
  • Islamic Studies
  • Pak Studies

Elective Subjects In FA of General Science Part-I and Part-II

The elective subjects have Four Combinations through which you have to decide your own.

  • Mathematics 2. Statistics 3. Economics
  • Mathematics 2. Economics 3. Computer Science
  • Mathematics 2. Computer Science 3. Physics
  • Mathematics 2. Computer Science 3. Statistics

3. FA (Humanities Group)

FA Humanities encompasses of courses mostly related with real-world courses. FA (Humanities Group) is the study of different subjects like Fine Arts, Art History, Classical, Modern Languages, Visual Arts, Literature, History, Geography and many other subjects are included in this learning stream. There are different Levels of Courses offered in FA Arts Humanities Subjects, Inter Arts Subjects In Pakistan like associate degrees and other rising stream named as bachelors, masters and so on in research Courses. Institutions offered a number of combination according to their availability of teaching staff and students strengths against any group.


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Compulsory FA Subjects of General Science Part-I and Part-II

  • Urdu/ Pakistan Culture (For foreign students)
  • English
  • Islamic Studies/Ethics (For Non-Muslims)
  • Pak Studies

Elective FA Subjects of General Science Part-I and Part-II

In elective subjects you have to choose one subject from each group. Total three elective subjects are need to be read in each year.

Group – I Group – II Group – III
Statistics Mathematics Economics
Geography Philosophy Psychology
World History Civics Islamic History
English Languages Islamiyat Islamiyat
Literature French/Persian Fine Arts Music
Advance Urdu


In the conclusion, I can accomplish that you must be very attentive in order to specify your program in the intermediate level. Those applicants who have pass matriculation exams under your respective board or school exams then you got qualified the admission in intermediate. Before manufacture any decision you need to be examined about your future interests, position in class, and score marks in matriculation. I have delivered the list of FA subjects in (Faculty of Arts/ Intermediate of Arts) part I and part II.  You should struggle hard to mark good grades in intermediate educational period. The future of Intermediate of Arts students are so bright. Wish You Good luck!


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