FA Past Papers for Intermediate Students to Pass Examination

In this article you will find How FA Past Papers for part 1 and part 2 can help you to pass Examination in first attempt. And what are the rules to pass Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education Lahore.

FA Past Papers Post Contains

After completing the grades of 9th and 10th, the education authority takes the tests again in the academic subjects. And when the candidates successfully pass these examinations, they are awarded the Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC). In other words, the public examination taken by the students is known as Higher Secondary Certificate or HSC. The examination of this level is named F.A, Intermediate or Higher Secondary examination. Higher secondary program is divided in two categories that are science and arts. The students who select the science studies, they are awarded to science faculty F.Sc. and in F.Sc. students select the pre engineering, pre medical or computer science programs, while the students who select arts studies they select the subjects like Islamic studies, fine arts, history etc.

Here are some rules for Intermediate examinations.

Rules to Pass the Intermediate Examinations for Part 1/2

  1. The Intermediate examinations are held by parts under the protection of all boards of Intermediate and Secondary Education and on dates and places that are fixed by the boards.
  2. Question paper of each subject A and B are named as part I and part II.
  3. There is no supplementary examination of part I.
  4. In the intermediate examination, the students have to take the subject Islamic Education in part I and Pakistan Studies in part II.
  5. Total marks of both part I and II are 550.
  6. After passing the part I on regular basis, candidates are promoted to part II without waiting the result of part I.
  7. To promote in part I the candidate must have to obtain 33% marks and the students who fail in any subject are eligible to appear along with part II examinations.
  8. If any student cannot obtain 33%marks, he/she is considered to fail as a whole and has to appear in failed subjects of part I along with the part II examinations.
  9. According to the calendar year, 30th September is the last date for the admission to 1st year class.
  10. The examinations of both part I and II are held according to the schedule notified by the Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education.
  11. After passing the part I and part II examination, the students are issued the pass result intimation.

What are Past Papers?

When the students are studying for their exams, teachers give them practice papers. These practice papers are similar to that papers that students have to solve in exams. By using these practice papers, students can prepare the answers of questions. These past papers have been used in the exams of previous years and with these past papers students can prepare their exams without wasting of time.

It’s not new to get help from past year papers to pass the examinations. Now everyone can get these past papers easily from internet.  According to a survey, the strength of students in Pakistan has been increased to pass the examination with the help of these past papers. About 50% of students take help of these past papers to pass the Intermediate because 80 to 90 percent papers are created by the board with the help of past years papers. The students who use the past papers to prepare the examination cannot be failed.

The past papers help the students to work out for the gaps in their knowledge. With this help, students get comfort to achieve their goals and they can work on the most challenging parts of the course. Students can get the idea that in what time limit they have to finish their answering. Past papers are always proved the problem solving and helping hand as well.

How FA Past Papers can help you to pass Examination?

Types of Questions

The past papers of FA help the students to recognize the questions, how the questions are structured and what they are asking in the questions.

Types of Answers

By using the past papers, students are used to know how the papers are marked and according to marks how much long the answer should be and what point should be noted.

Time Management

Students have to be completed the paper in a fixed time period. By using the FA past papers students get the idea that in what time limit they have to complete the different sections of the paper. It also helps to manage the time while solving the longer answers like essays.

For Practice visit Intermediate Past Papers provided by Bise Lahore (Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education Lahore).

How to Find the Past Papers

Teachers and tutors always have a multiple selection of past papers and the always guide the students about the important material according to their experience. The students who have no internet facility, they can get the model papers of intermediate part I and II and in key books of their subjects. Otherwise, on internet everyone can easily get the past years papers by searching different websites that are related to the education and most important thing is that the website of institute give better help to the students who are studying there. Students can easily download these past papers.

When the students busy in the preparation of exams, past papers and mark schemes have become important for their success. Board’s website is the great place to find the past papers where the students can get the mark schemes to mark the answers. Every Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education in Pakistan has its own website and the students can easily get the examination rules and past papers that are designed according to the text books.

How to Use Past Papers

  1. Students should use the past papers as many as they can because these past papers increase the revision knowledge and exam grade.
  2. If these past papers are provided by teachers it’s the best thing because teachers always guide the students according to their experience.
  3. Students should always solve those questions very first that they have revised according to the past papers.  
  4. Set the equal time for every answer of the question.
  5. By using these past papers, students should get the idea where they are strong in knowledge and where they need practice to improve the knowledge.

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