12 Ways How to Earn Money Using Smart Phones Online

Are you curious about earning money using smart phones? Here in this article I have gather a list of applications that you can simply download from goggle player and make money using smartphones. Before starting my actual topic (earn money using smart phones) I would like to elaborate some core things related to smartphones, especially for the beginners that haven’t any experience of smart phones, their features and other information.

Top 12 Apps to Earn Money Using Smart Phones

  2. Perk
  3. Viggle.TV
  4. Luctastic
  5. Whaff Reward
  6. App Trailers
  7. Toluna
  8. Scoopshot
  9. ESPN Streak
  10. Pacts
  11. Facebook
  12. Instagram

What is a Smartphone?

The first query that comes to our mind after seeing this word. Well, a smartphone is an advanced version of the cell phone with an advanced operating system like the personal computer. It means that you carry an operating system on your cell phone. The smartphone is a necessity nowadays and it is pocket-sized so you can easily carry it with you anywhere. A normal cell phone have features to send text messages, receive calls and  alarm clock and a lot more basic functions but when we talk about a smartphone it comes up with a lot more features and some of them are mentioned below:

  1. Digital Camera
  2. Bluetooth
  3. 3G or LTE support (it is actually your phone’s contact to internet)
  4. USB Port
  5. Built in Apps
  6. Touch Screen
  7. GPS
  8. Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs)
  9. Sensors and a lot more.

It actually depends on what type of functions do you prefer. There are many smartphones in the market which everyone can afford. Have you ever heard of making money just by using your smartphone? Yes, it is true .Most of the phones have access to the internet which means you have access to simply everything. All you have to do is just to know how to use basic internet applications and I will show you how to do it.

First what is Play Store?

Play store is Google’s official pre-installed app on every android smartphone which provides access to the stuff on the Google play store. It has the wide range of apps allowing its user to browse through it and download their favorite apps. Whether they like music or prefer to read books, it has everything for its users ranging from learning apps to the world of entertainment. Most of the apps are free of cost but some cost money to buy which you can buy using your bank account.

You can download themes to cherish your smart phone display. If you have flash built in your smart phone, just download a flashlight app it will work as a torch for you.  All you need to do is download some apps from the play store. It is not very complicated or time-consuming and requires no skill or investment.

You need to learn How to use play store?

Before you download any application, firstly you need to make an account on Gmail or Yahoo, there are a lot of other options too. But Gmail is better to use. Once you have created an account on Gmail, all you have to do is to sign in Play store by using your Gmail account.

  • You will have access to download any app from play store. Main steps are mentioned below:
  • Make an account on Gmail
  • Sign in Play Store using your Gmail account
  • There is a search bar. You can search apps by name.
  • Download the app. Make sure you have enough space. A memory card is recommended.

Don’t worry if you don’t have the account on Gmail because it is not specifically chosen. You can also use Yahoo or Hotmail account here.

Ever thought: Earn Money Using Smart Phones?

Do you ever thought, how to earn money using smart phones? If you are a student, you may be facing financial issues and looking for extra money. You can now earn money using your smartphone wherever you are .There are a lot of apps on the internet offering money but usually ends up wasting your time. We are here to help you earn money. Not just apps there are a lot more ways to earn money by selling your products online, by providing online services but these are actually time-consuming and requires you to invest money and time which you actually don’t have. So some we are here to help you with apps which are the easiest way for earning money using smart phones.

List of Apps to Earn Money Using Smart Phones

Although there is a list of app present, by which you can earn money easily using smart phones. But here I’ll going to mention some of the top apps used for earning money with the help smart phones.


SwagBucks is top 1st app for earning money. SwagBucks is an app which allows you to earn virtual currency by performing different activities online, which includes Playing Games, Discovering Stuff Online, Taking Surveys and you can convert your earned points into Amazon gift cards, PayPal cash and much more. So pick up your smartphone, download SWAGBUCKS and start earning.

2. Perk

Perk works like Swagbucks also offers its users to earn Perk points. All you have to do is to Watch Videos, Play Scratch Cards, Take Quizzes, Play Games, and Watch Shows. It’s each feature has its own separate app so you don’t have to deal with extra stuff, all you have to do is just download the featured app in which you are interested and here is your roller coaster ride to earn free money. Basically you earn points for performing activities which are mentioned there in application guidelines. Rewarded points can be converted for gifts or money .The most easily way is watching videos you earn low points for videos but it actually requires little to no effort. Just let videos auto play when you are dealing with other routine work and at the end you will see a difference it can make.

3. Viggle.TV

Do you ever imagine earning money By Listening to your favorite music or By Watching Shows, well here is a way for you to earn money from it? Viggle.TV offers you to earn money by watching your favorite videos and by listening music. Viggle has a lot of videos ranging from beauty shows to sports. Grab your smartphone download this app watch videos, listen to music, earn points and simply convert them later for gifts, money or for the other things that they offer.

4. Luctastic

If you enjoy playing lotto let’s give luctastic a try. It’s a free app which offers games similar to scratch-cards lottery tickets and like lotto tickets. You’ll get the hand full of free reward tickets every day to scratch off. They actually contain 5 to 10 points. Eventually, you can convert those points for cash or gift cards. But sometimes you have a chance to earn the big prize. Even though tickets are much but they don’t usually reward much money but they add up over the course of the month to something worth. The minimum amount that can be cashed out is 10$. Gifts cards are mainly from Amazon.

5. Whaff Reward

Whaff Reward is ranked on 5th position of listed apps to earn money. Whaff Reward is also an application that is used to earn money using your smartphones. Basically, whaff rewards is an application promotion website and developers pay for the users who buy from them.

All you have to do is to install some apps and invite people to it and your friends and family members can will also earn the same rewards. There are a lot of different tasks and you are paid to do the relevant tasks. There is also a lucky picks activity where you get reward if you become lucky.

6. App Trailers

This is another app available to download from the play store. This app pays you for watching videos. Actually, App Trailers is an advertising platform for other applications.

All you have to is download App Trailers from the play store and there you have it. It also has demo versions of apps which you can watch to add points to your account. The referral system is also available for this application. The referral link is a link you can send to your friends and request them to download the app from your link and you will be paid for it. You will earn points from each download and you can convert them into cash or gift vouchers or PayPal.

7. Toluna

This is one of the easiest application of making money with your smartphones. All you have to do is to Complete Random Surveys about different things. A survey is an event in which they will ask you random questions about their product or services. This is basically used to improve quality and get user’s opinion.

The surveys are important to the relevant people and usually fun. All you have to do is give your opinion on it. Surveys are used to get public opinion on different stuff. The surveys are polls are available in the app and you will be paid to complete them. They will pay you in the form of cash, gifts and vouchers.

8. Scoopshot

Do you thinks Cameras are fun? You all like to take photos from your smartphones. What if I tell you that you can even earn money just from taking pictures? We all like to take pictures, well there is a way to earn money from it. Scoopshot is another application available to download from the play store. If you think you can be a photographer, this is the right app for you because this app will earn you money if you are good in photography. You have to take pictures or make videos from the app camera. This app has a camera and you have to use the app camera to take pictures and make videos and upload them to the app and there you have it.

There are also different competitions on the app where you can compete with other people. The winner of competition is decided by votes and you can always ask your friends to help you win by casting their vote.

9.   ESPN Streak for the cash

If you are a die-hard fan of sports then you are at the right place. ESPN is an app that provides you with information related to sports. It doesn’t end here, actually, they hold the competition in which you have to predict which team is going to win the match for example questions about football, basketball, cricket and etc. If your prediction comes out to be true you’ll be awarded money which you will get eventually. Last year this app distributed almost around 12 Million Dollars to its competitors.

If you like sports then must download this app. It will keep you up to date with sports news and will earn you a little sum of money.

10. Pacts

Do you love to work out? Pact gives you the best way to earn money.

Pacts is an app which motivates you to keep you fit and stay healthy .You will set your objectives and if you do not meet you objectives, you lose money and what is better motivation than saving your own money. You even get reward for achieving your goals around $2 Per Goal. The other people who fail to achieve lose their money and you earn them. You can even ask your friends to join you to compete with them. This swish app comes with a fitness tracker for correctness and verification.

So what are you thinking? Download this app and you’ll end up being healthy and rich.

11. Facebook

Well, most of us are quite familiar with Facebook. It’s a social network application connecting people from worldwide. So why not try your luck here?

All you have to do is to make a page on Facebook and attract some Facebook fans who will see your posts in future or you can just simply get your Facebook page sponsored by Facebook so it will appear on the news feed of most of the Facebook users. And there are more chances of getting likes that way. When you think you’ve enough fan following than start advertising on your page for different companies. Most of the companies pay users to advertise for them on social media. By using this app you can earn money. Well, that is one of the best ways of earning with little or no effort.

12. Instagram

Last but not the least Instagram, to earn money using smart phones. Another app for people who love to be on social media all the time. If you have some hobby or valuable skills and you want it to pay off well nothing could be better than Instagram. If you are an artist, painter, web designer. All you’ve to do is to make an account on Instagram, type relevant info about your work in your bio and add your contact number. So people could contact you via provided Info. If you’re a web or cloth designer just take their pictures with any good camera (DSLR) is preferred, upload it in your account with some good Caption. Try to use some hashtags too, so it could be searchable easily. By selling your products via the Instagram app you can make as much money as you can. It depends on time and skill you actually puts in.

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