CSS Past Papers Compulsory, Elective Free From 2009 – 2016


CSS Past Papers of Year 2009 to 2016 Exams are available here. Here Pakistani students can get Federal Public Service Commission Exams Past Papers.

CSS is the abbreviation of Central Superior Services. It is the high class bureaucratic authority that works under the supervision of Federal Government institutes and offices. CSS in Pakistan manages the duties of operating and regulating civilian bureaucratic operations. It also operates Cabinets, directorates and Government secretaries of Pakistan as well.

Federal Public Service Commission held the CSS exams every year for recruitment to post in BS -17 for the following occupational groups.

  1. Commerce & Trade Group.
  2. Foreign Service of Pakistan
  3. Custom and Excise Group
  4. District Management Group
  5. Income Tax Group
  6. Information Group
  7. Pakistan Audit & Account Service
  8. Police Service of Pakistan
  9. Postal Group
  10. Railway (Commercial & Transportation) Group
  11. Inland Revenue Service
  12. Military Land and Cantonment Group.
  13. Administrative Services
  14. Management Services
  15. Pakistan Custom Service

Competitive Examination of CSS consists on the following parts.

1. Written Examination

The written test consists of 1200 marks in which, there are 12 papers and each paper carries 100 marks. A list of compulsory and optional papers is provided to the candidates and thy have to prepare six compulsory subjects and also have to choose six optional subjects to pass the Central Superior Services exam. These papers are based on descriptive section and objective section as well.

2. Medical Examination

After qualifying the written test, the candidates have to move the second step. This second step is the medical examination to make sure that the candidates are having good physical and mental health because any defect can interfere to fulfil their duties. The medical board in Pakistan takes the responsibility of medical checkup. The candidates who cannot pass this medical test cannot move further except the disabled.

3. Psychological Assessment

The third step is the Psychological examination including written test and group tasks. With the help of this examination, the selection of brilliant candidates is made in all over Pakistan.


4. Viva Voce

After completing all the steps, there comes a final step that is viva voce. In this step, the board interviews the candidates. This viva voce examination basis on general interest area. This examination’s purpose is to assess the suitable candidates for the services in Pakistan. The qualities such as ethics, intelligence of minds, leadership qualities and strength attract to the board.

For the selection, these qualities play an important role. The extra-curricular activities of candidates asked by the board. Candidates must have the knowledge about Islam, Pakistan and current affairs of Pakistan as well.

How to Apply for the Exams?

Through the official website of FPSC (www.fpsc.org.pk), the candidates have to submit their online application.

The candidates must have to save the hard copy of this online application form and have to attach all the required documents with this application and send it to FPSC Headquarter with 10 days of closing.

Incomplete application form and the forms that are submitted after 10 days will be rejected.

Rules for admission test:

Age Limit

The age limit for CSS test is from 28 to 30 years and the qualification requirement is 14 years of education.


For the CSS examination, candidates must have the C grade of bachelor degree or having 2nd division in any field from any University of Pakistan.


The candidates who have the citizenship of Pakistan can apply for this exam. The married candidates who have not Pakistani citizenship are illegible.

Subjects for CSS test are categories in compulsory and optional subjects. The total numbers are 1200 of written test of CSS, 600 marks for compulsory subjects and 600 marks for optional subjects.

Compulsory subjects are

  • English Essay
  • English (Precis and Composition)
  • General Science and Ability
  • Current Affairs
  • Pakistan Affairs

Islamic Studies or Comparative Studies (for non-Muslims)

Optional Subjects also contain 600 marks having VII groups of subjects and the candidates must have to select one subject in each group. The fee structure for the CSS exams is Rs. 1000 only.

Objectives of Central Superior Services

The main purpose of Central is to improve the skills of government workers that how they can deliver the basic services to the residents in an efficient manner. To motivate the civil servants in a professional way and to develop the high quality civil servants so that it can improve the functions of government.

Tips to Pass

  1. Make the strong preparation in which the candidate feels itself weak.
  2. English is the major subject and candidate should focus on it.
  3. Just read the topics and try to understand.
  4. Provide correct information about yourself when apply for the exams otherwise the candidate will be rejected.
  5. To prepare the exam by yourself is not possible. Candidates must have to take help from libraries, newspapers and internet as well.

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CSS Past Papers

Download Past Examination Papers of Central Superior Services (CSS) Pakistan Competitive Examination



CSS 2016
Essay | English | Islamiat | General Science | Pakistan Affairs | Current Affairs

CSS 2015
Essay | English | Islamiat | Everyday Science | Pakistan Affairs | Current Affairs

CSS 2014
Essay | English | Islamiat | Everyday Science | Pakistan Affairs | Current Affairs

CSS 2013
Essay | English | Islamiat | Everyday Science | Pakistan Affairs | Current Affairs

CSS 2012
Essay | English | Islamiat | Everyday Science | Pakistan Affairs | Current Affairs

CSS 2011
Essay | English | Islamiat | Everyday Science | Pakistan Affairs | Current Affairs

CSS 2010
Essay | English | Islamiat | Everyday Science | Pakistan Affairs | Current Affairs

CSS 2009
Essay | English | Islamiat | Everyday Science | Pakistan Affairs | Current Affairs

CSS Past Paper Compulsory and Optional

Download CSS past papers Compulsory and Optional (year wise) by clicking the following links.

CSS 2016
CSS 2015
CSS 2014
CSS 2013
CSS 2012
CSS 2011
CSS 2010
CSS 2009

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How to Use Past Papers for CSS Exams??

When the candidates have to prepare the tests on Provincial level like Central Superior Service Exams by FPSC, past papers help them most of the all. CSS past papers also help the candidates to know about the pattern of the papers and the time frame in which the candidates have to complete the papers. These previous papers also tell the candidates the time management skills.

CSS exams take place in the start of the year. According to the needs of the candidates, different websites provide a facility of getting past papers of CSS exams. By using these past papers of FPSC, candidates can solve their exams much better in the test and can be successful. A deep study of these past papers give the chance to candidates a technique of solving the paper with the complete concentration, to know about paper format and the way to solve any question in right given time.


By using the past papers, there are less chances to be unsuccessful. These past papers are affective for the gaps in the knowledge of candidates. The previous papers always proved the helping hands and problem solving. Past papers help the students to recognize the question’s structure and how long the answer should be. These previous papers are also the practice papers and the candidates must have to prepare the tests according to these solved papers.

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