How to Find Civil Engineering Jobs In Pakistan


If you are tired to find Civil Engineering Jobs In Pakistan ? don’t you worry about in this post i have added 8 tips to find best Civil Engineering Jobs.

“Engineers Complete Dreams”, and that’s how they benefit mankind. In fact, their role in a society’s build up is more or less the same to what calcium does in a human body. Like it strengthens your bones, engineers play an important role in strengthening the skeleton of the society.

Although there are many disciplines, Civil engineering is something that is gaining more importance with the passage of time. This is because the crux of any project, small or big, lies in its design and this is what it teaches you to do well as a student. Being one of the oldest disciplines, it is a module that is responsible for incorporating quality into systems ranging from transportation to accommodation, bringing value and superiority to the overall project.

Unfortunately the actual scope of civil engineering jobs in Pakistan, like other fields has actually deteriorated over time. This particularly is because of the poor situation of law and order prevailing in the country, giving rise to problems like lack of education and professional opportunities due to diminishing foreign investment. This overall scenario rather added up to the problems for students graduating out, who unluckily are finding it more difficult to get their desired jobs. However, there are certain things which you can exercise in order to make the process relatively easier for yourself. Below are some:

Decide your area:

As a matter of common observation, most civil engineers either act as consultants or work as contractors. As a consultant, you will be responsible for a project from the word go, while as a contractor you are expected to get into action as the design gets finalized, by virtue of managing on teams in order to take care of the implementation side. Whatever your role is, employers want you to be precise in the timely selection of your functional area, preferably before initiating the job hunting process. This is because they need you to be focused on your area, which by the way would be the best option for you as well.


Pick industry:

The next important step for you would be to decide on the industry to pursue. There could be a lot of options, starting from buildings, power, transportation and tunneling. Each one of these is a different spectrum in itself with opportunities, responsibilities and challenges that can significantly differ from each other. Therefore, it is advisable to figure out and conduct a SWOT analysis for each of these, so as to inject clarity into the whole process thus allowing more control.

Find an Internship:

Prior experience in any field is generally considered as a big plus and civil engineering is an arena that goes likewise. It is important for you to get used to the professional IN’s & Out’s and this is where it can benefit you the most. Additionally, it can also work wonders for you to build on and expanding your professional network, so try and engage in some sort of a temporary commitment with a good organization in order to boost up your learning.

Enroll into your job placement body at school:

If you are a fresher with no work experience, it is advisable to get enrolled in the job placement body of your college. Most importantly, do it as soon as you enter the last year thus allowing sufficient time to let opportunities being found, followed by interviews and selections. Maintain a list of companies where you have applied with all relevant details of your pre interview preparations.

Get registered with a recruitment agency:

Besides enrolling yourself at the job placement body at your school, it is also advisable to get registered with some recruitment agencies. Just Google it and make a list of the best agencies around, and submit your credentials at your soonest. Doing this will be a good resource and can significantly aid you in finding and actually going for opportunities in the surrounding. In addition, it is a practice largely followed by top notch and professional companies, particularly because they get filtered traffic out of it which lets them generate more control over the whole recruitment process. Therefore, it may be a good idea to chance your arm over here too.


Prepare for Interview:

Practicing on things that can be part of your interview can be useful, no matter if you are fresh or coming with some experience. This is because most interviews start with a brief introduction or a profile summary of the interviewee, so do prepare some sentences and practice them in order to pitch effectively. Along with that, do remember to work on your summary of objectives and goals too, candidates having clear directions in these areas land up with a selection rate much higher.


Most of the people perceive following up on their interview as something negative in Pakistan. However, on the contrary, it is a practice that can bring you in the business area straight away. This is because the interviewer might forget on your name considering the heavy traffic they have to deal with for every vacancy, so it might be a good idea to come up with something that reminds them about yourself, may it be during or after the interview. It could be in form of finishing up the interview exchanging pleasantries on a thanking note, or a follow-up call to get updates on the hiring process.

Research the company:

Once you get a confirmation call for selection from Pakistan, don’t consider the job already done. It is so easy for you to get carried away with the emotions and giving your consent. However, do remember that a job is something which will always be associated with your entire professional career, even after you leave it and switch to some other company. Something that is always going to show up on your CV, so it is pivotal to think hard and do your research about the company. It might be useful to talk to the existing employees of that company, just to get an idea about the hierarchy, market reputation, history and other important aspects. Once done, you will be in a better position to take your decision, which probably will be a good one.


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