How to Get Car Financing Loan in Pakistan

Facility of Car Financing Loan in Pakistan is available to entertain potential customers. Life is too much busy nowadays as compared to the past. To cover short and long away distances own car is essential for every Human Being to save time & Money. So if you are planning to get your own new car and you have a short amount of money then it’s not a big deal now. Because Middle class, Rich, Business owner and Job holder persons can equally avail Car Financing Loan from Banks. Due to lack of awareness about Car Financing Loan many peoples are left uninformed and often leave their dreams behind.

Different Banks are giving Car Financing Loan to purchase new cars. Getting a Car Financing Loan is not that much complicated as people think it is. Car Financing Loan is a simple procedure with some initial requirements and agreement between bank and customers. Check out the list of some Banks who are providing loan for Car Financing to purchase cars.

  1. Bank Al Habib
  2. Bank Islamic
  3. Bank of Punjab
  4. Faysal Bank
  5. Habib Bank Limited
  6. Meezan Bank
  7. Muslims Commercial Bank
  8. Askari Bank
  9. NIB Bank
  10. Soneri Bank
  11. Burj Bank Limited
  12. Allied Bank Limited
  13. Dubai Islamic Bank

Apply for Car Financing Loan in Pakistan from Bank By Using Car Loan Calculator

The car loan calculator facility is provided by to calculate Car Financing Loan. The main purpose of car loan calculator is to help you in finding the best deal and car you are looking for impatiently. This Car loan calculator will help you in getting your dream car.

The loan calculator will provide you detail about only 11 National Banks which are these

  • Bank Alfalah
  • MCB (Muslims Commercial Bank)
  • HBL (Habib Bank Limited)
  • UBL (United Bank Limited)
  • Dubai Islamic Bank
  • Bank of Punjab
  • Askari Bank
  • NIB Bank
  • Burj Bank
  • Soneri Bank
  • Faysal Bank

The car loan calculator help you in determining what bank or auto dealer to contact. The Calculator will show you a clear comparison from where you can choose your trusted Banks or auto dealer. This Parameters car loan calculator takes to perform operations

  • Car Make
  • Car Model
  • Car Version
  • Time Period
  • Down Payment

Click Here To Calculate Car Financing Loan in Pakistan

The Car loan calculator assists you in calculating following Plans which are   

  • Calculate Installments
  • Select Your Desired Plan
  • Apply Online

To calculate Car Financing Loan interested buyer puts in the above mentioned details, the names of banks and auto dealers are generated and are shown on the next screen from where, only task the buyer is left with is to choose the most trusted bank/auto dealer.

Common Terms and Conditions to Get Car loan Car Financing Loan from Banks                                  

Although there is a little difference in eligibility criteria of one Bank from another bank always. Well some common terms and conditions of getting Car Financing Loan is given below;

Common Terms to get Car Financing Loan

  • The applicant must be holding Pakistani nationality to get a Car Financing Loan.
  • The applicant should be an account holder of that bank, in which he is applying to get a car loan in Pakistan.
  • The applicant should be in one of the category; salaried person, business men or self-employed to have a car loan in Pakistan.
  • The applicant should be between 20 to 60 years of age in case of a salaried person at the time of the loaning can loan in Pakistan.
  • The applicant should be between 20 to 64 years of age in case of a business person at the time of the loaning car loan in Pakistan.

Common Documentation Terms to get Car Financing Loan

  • Pakistani CNIC (Computerized National Identity Card) copy is needed.
  • Recent Passport Size Photographs
  • Latest original salary slips and bank statement of last 3 Months in case of salaried persons is getting Loan in Pakistan.
  • Proof of your business and Bank statement of last 6 Months in case of business person getting car loan in Pakistan.

Check All Pakistan Banks Feature and Terms for Car Financing Loan

  1. Bank Al- Habib

Bank AL Habib warmly welcome customers who are interested to buy new cars. For this purpose Bank Al Habib provide APNI CAR Finance policy, so you can get car loan in Pakistan.

Click Here Bank AL Habib APNI CAR link to get Car Financing Loan in Pakistan.

The car financing facility give its customers complete peace of mind through convenient repayment plans. So don’t wait and contact with Bank Al Habib right now for any assistance in getting your APNICAR.

  1. Bank Islamic

Drive your Dream Car-the right way with Islami Auto Ijarah. Now you can avail Auto finance facility for a Car of your choice in a completely Shariah compliant manner.

Click Here Bank Islamic Auto Ijarah to get Car Financing Loan.

BankIslami’s Auto Ijarah facility is based on the concept of Ijarah. It is a Shariah compliant alternative to Conventional leasing where Bank acts as a Lessor and you act as a Lessee. The Bank requires you to pay a monthly rent for the use of the Vehicle. In this while, the ownership of the vehicle remains with the Bank, only the rights of use is transferred to you. At the end of the Ijarah Agreement, you will be given a choice whether to return the vehicle to the Bank and receive back the security deposit paid by you at the beginning or to purchase it at a price as low as the security deposit.               

  1. Bank of Punjab

Bank of Punjab CARGAR Scheme assists you in leasing car on easy repayment terms. Scheme has minimum documentation requirement and is flexible to meet your individual needs.

Click Here Bank of Punjab CARGAR Scheme to get Car Financing Loan.

  1. Faysal Bank

Faysal Bank Car Finance offers uniquely tailored financing of your Car Financing Loan in Pakistan with the lowest mark-up rate. Not only this, you can finance your car up to 5 years with easy monthly installments. So apply today and get your dream car.

Click Here Faysal Bank Car Finance link to get Car Financing Loan.

  1. Habib Bank Limited

Habib Bank Limited CarLoan makes it easy to purchase your dream car and car loan in Pakistan. With up to 7 years to pay off your loan, HBL CarLoan allows you to borrow for the car you desire keeping in mind your budget.

Click Here Habib Bank Limited CarLoan link to get Car Financing Loan.

  1. Meezan Bank

Meezan Bank Car Ijarah, designed under the supervision of Meezan Banks Shariah Supervisory Board, is unique to car leasing facilities provided by other banks. Under Ijarah, all ownership-related risks lie with the Bank while all usage related risks lie with the user, thus making the Lessor the true owner of the asset and making the income generated through the contract permissible (Halal) for the Bank.

Click Here Meezan Bank Car Ijarah link to get Car Financing Loan.

Click Here Car Ijarah Calculator to calculate payment and Car Financing Loan.

  1. Muslims Commercial Bank

Muslims Commercial Bank Salamat Car Ijarah allow you to choose a car of your choice in 1 to 5 years on a monthly rental program by paying as little as 20% security deposit.

You may at the end of the agreement return the car and get back the security deposit or otherwise may purchase it at the price equal to the security deposit.

Get car loan in Pakistan for locally assembled, non-commercial and semi-commercial new vehicle.

Click Here Muslims Commercial Bank Salamat Car Ijarah to get Car Financing Loan.

  1. Askari Bank

Askari Bank give financing for new, used and imported cars. You can apply by visiting any of Askari Bank Consumer Business Centers/Branches or by calling at our 24 hrs. Call center at 111-000-787. Our dedicated staff will help you complete your card application form and other formalities.

Click Here Askari Bank Car Financing link and get Car Financing Loan.

  1. NIB Bank

NIB Bank Auto Loan provides services to customers through a countrywide network of 179 branches all over Pakistan. It is one of the fastest growing banks in Pakistan. For NIB Car Financing Products Contact and Visit your nearest NIB branch or call (021) 111-642-111

Click Here NIB Bank Auto Loan link to get Car Financing Loan.

  1. Soneri Bank

By Soneri Bank Car Financing you can become the owner of a brand new car. Soneri Bank offers Car Finance facility up to Rs.2, 000,000/-, repayable in 5 years in equal monthly installments. Option of used and reconditioned car are also available. Please contact your nearest branch of Soneri Bank or call 111-567-890 for application assistance.

Click Here Soneri Bank Car Financing Scheme link to get Car Financing Loan.

  1. Burj Bank Limited

Burj Bank Limited Carsaaz can give you a car of your own choice without being heavy on your pocket. Salaried individual and businessman can buy a new car under Carsaaz scheme policy.

Click Here Burj Bank Limited Carsaaz Scheme link to get Car Financing Loan.

  1. Allied Bank Limited

With Allied Bank Limited get easy to process financing at very competitive rates. Put your savings at work and get Car loan in Pakistan.

Click Here Allied Bank Limited Fast Financing link and get Car Financing Loan.

  1. Dubai Islamic Bank

Connect with Dubai Islamic Bank because it’s time to drive your car with pleasure and peace of mind. Dubai Islamic Bank Auto Finance offers a world class auto finance facility that enables you to get a car quickly, conveniently with a fully Sharia compliant manner.

Click Here Dubai Islamic Bank Auto Finance Ijraha link to get Car Financing Loan in Pakistan.