B.Com Result Part 1, Part 2 Punjab University Lahore


Punjab University PU B.Com Result Part 1, Part 2: Even after standing at quite a lower rank for the literacy rate, Pakistani students clutch high frequency of passion for education. The availability of least resources do not depress their craving for learning rather push them to strive hard for competing against the best. Each country whether it lies under the list of developing or developed countries, clutch few powerful possessions to be on the roads of growth, progress, advancement and prosperity. Despite the fact that Pakistan is struggling to get out of the economic crisis, there are few educational institutions which are creating awareness among the youth to step forward for an amazing change in tomorrow.

An Outstanding Platform Punjab University PU B.Com

Punjab University is one of the top universities in the country, located in the Lahore city of province Punjab, considered best for the achievement of maximum opportunities. It is a good ranked body recognized by the Higher Education Commission (HEC). The university also offers a number of scholarships to the needy as well as intellectual students and allows them to reach their desired destinations for the well-being of national as well as international organizations.

Bachelor of Commerce Improving Economic Condition

Punjab University proposes admissions to various disciplines, one of which is B.Com, Bachelor of Commerce. Bachelor of Commerce is an exceptional degree intended to heighten your market knowledge and improvise your networks for the success of current business oriented world. It provides you expertise essential for the victorious existence of government establishments, revenue generating formations and not for profit associations. The degree of commerce delivers you familiarity with a wide range of departments, contributing towards an amazing corporation setup. The degree highly focuses upon the augmentation of economic performance, whether it’s at household or at an organizational platform. B.Com strengthens the student’s communication, collaboration, decision making, problem solving and analytical proficiencies.


Punjab University B.Com Great Demand of Organizational World

B.Com enhances the opportunities of job for the aspirants and gives them space within an organization as per their dreams as well as capabilities. It’s a complete set of management and prepares you well for the administrative structure. The degree also compels you to absorb the tactics to be within a company or to work as an entrepreneur without appointing consultants and accountants. B.Com has always remained in great demand for the business jobs in Pakistan’s organizational world, therefore there exists no question of regretting after attempting this exceptional program. The awareness of accounting allows you to explore the financial statements and predicts the way they are going to behave in the upcoming days.

Benefits of Punjab University (PU) B.Com Program

B.Com is the prerequisite to MBA, a degree known around the globe for its great salary packages, top managerial positions, superb social networking, extensive job opportunities and the effortless change of employment. B.Com do not just keep you restricted with the bookish knowledge but empowers you to practically analyze the risks associated with the organization, the paths of raising capital, generation of profits through proper channels and the selection of fruitful investment areas. This is a great way out from the traditional academic environment to the practical, competitive and stupendously flexible world of business.

Types of Punjab University B.Com Program

University of the Punjab is known around the globe for its outstanding results of B.Com students. The institution welcomes the regular as well as the private students for this exceptional program. B.Com can be attained through two distinct means:

  • Com through 2 years program
  • Com Honors through 4 years program

What is the difference between 2 and 4 years B.Com? The degree done through 2 years program gives you the option of giving papers through regular study in Punjab University or through private study while staying at the comfort of home. This path completes student’s 14 years of education.

But the B.Com Honors through 4 years program could only be realized through regular stay in the university. This is a complete sequence of semesters and leads to the completion of 16 years of education.


Competitive Edge of Punjab University PU B.Com

A large number of students get enrolled under the Punjab University PU B.Com degree and showing remarkable results to be successful and efficacious in future. Punjab University is enjoying a wonderful edge over its competitors for the B.Com results and have no other educational platform even closer to their superb performance. B.Com results issued by Punjab University are recognized all around the world and considered worthy even for further study or jobs in the foreign countries.

Division for the Facilitation of Students

The B.Com graduates usually enjoy a promising future and lead around the globe upon the base of their extraordinary aptitudes and results shown under the supervision of Punjab University. For the two years program, University of the Punjab is providing great facilitation to the students and divided the B.Com degree into two parts. This makes quite easier for the students to learn and show amazing marks in the results. The separation of B.Com part I and part II has also displayed an incredibly improved ratio of successful students and enhancing the repute of their beloved nation.

Eligibility Criteria for Getting Admission in Punjab University PU B.Com

The admission process of two years Punjab University PU B.Com mostly starts in February every single year. Punjab University utilize the renowned newspapers and website for the advertisement of admissions in B.Com program. The forms of the dedicated candidates are taken till the last date to ensure equal opportunity for all. There are few eligibility requirements for getting enrolled in the B.Com program of Punjab University, some of which are as under:

  • Degree of Intermediate or equivalent from recognized institution
  • Marks at least 45% in intermediate

Punjab University PU B.Com Result

The four years B.Com program is designed with the sequential semester system. This degree typically consists of eight semesters in Punjab University, each semester holds two terms including mid and final term examinations for the right assessment of intelligent students. The B.Com offered by the Hailey College of Commerce under Punjab University grips a strict merit based admission system in order to intensify the quality of education.


Therefore, the students aspiring to be profitable in future for themselves as well as for their families should hurriedly think about the lucrative B.Com program offered by Punjab University, as no other university could even think of competing in results with this excellent educational institution. You can check results at Official Site of Punjab University PU B.Com Result 2016 Part 1, Part 2  .

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