How to Access Blocked/Banned Websites in Pakistan


This problem is very common now a days and every one want to know how to access blocked websites in Pakistan. Many times user wants to access a website for sort of information but he/she gets the message of access denied or website banned/blocked in Pakistan or something like that. This situation bothers you a lot. Just think that you have to submit an assignment and the data related to that is not available or available on the websites that are banned/blocked. You don’t know what to do, when you are stuck in such a situation. We are going to discuss some of the methods which you can apply to access blocked websites. You don’t need to be an I.T expert in order to do that, rather anyone can apply those methods to access blocked websites.

We have noticed that people are using different ways to Access Banned/Blocked sites in Pakistan. This article is not made as an attention to access prohibited websites that are blocked by PTCL in Pakistan. Before Accessing Blocked websites in Colleges, Schools and even in Offices please check with your local authorities before applying them. RightJobs.Pk will not hold any responsibility if you’ve breached the regulations of any.

First of all keep in mind that a website is banned/blocked due to two reasons, one is government censorship that is the government has banned/blocked the websites for the users you can relate it to the situation when YouTube was banned in Pakistan by the government. The other reason is your network administrator. For example Facebook, YouTube are usually banned in the labs of education institutions.

Top 13 Methods to Access Blocked websites in Pakistan

Let us have a look on a number of methods discussing how to access the banned/blocked websites in Pakistan.

1: By Using Cache Method

Usually all the web pages have cache stored and indexed by them. You just have to search for the site, on the search engine a cached link will be produced next to the result. Click on it. In order to load the desired site more quickly you can make use of text only version. As we know that websites are provided by the listed search engine servers, so we can avoid the IP and URL based restrictions.


2: Make Use of Proxy Service

Most of us think that using proxy service is the easiest way to access blocked websites in Pakistan. There are many proxies for opening up different websites available on the internet. Use of proxy service is not always fruitful. Sometimes using this service is not safe and sometimes the proxy itself is banned. Kproxy and Anonymouse are the examples of proxy services.

3: Through Google Mobile Search

For those who are facing slow internet connection, Google Mobile search presents strip down version by removing CSS styling and JavaScript.  This strip down version is presented by Google server. The blocking page behaves as if you are directed to Google but actually you are directed to the blocked website. For viewing the blocked website redirect yourself to the Google Mobile Search. In the URL type the website name with

4: Replace http with https

This method of replacing http with https in address bar is very common to access blocked websites in Pakistan. It is observed that this method opens up very few banned sites and is not the most efficient method.

5: Through Google Translate

To do so select a different language from the already presented language of the website. You can do it by entering a different language in “from” option and “English” in into option. You just need to translate the keyword into some other language to visit the restricted page.

6: With The Help of RSS Reader

The content of all blogs is syndicated through RSS feeds. You can make subscription through web RSS feeds. For instance select “Feedly” to get access to banned websites in Pakistan.

7: By Developing a Two Layered Unblocker

For this purpose you have to visit Google translate then browse any proxy site from here and make use of that site to access blocked websites. This is the way to get layered unblocking.


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8: Make use of IP Address

In order to browse a banned website, you should enter its Internet Protocol address in the address bar. The purpose of doing this is to bypass the website blocks. Sometimes the website still remains blocked due to the reason that blocking website has mapped out the entered address. Hence, If you want to find out the IP address of the blocked site, you can easily do it by opening up the command prompt and pinging the domain address of the website.

9: The Onion Router

This way of accessing the banned and blocked websites is considered very effective. TOR is basically a free software that provides security and uninterrupted flow of data to its user. Original data from the restricted sites is delivered as it is. This may be a slow method but its usefulness cannot be denied.

10: Adding

Any website that you want to access and is blocked just add “” in the URL at the end of the address of the site and enter it. The blocked website will be opened up for you in many cases.

11: With the help of Opera Mini

Use PC version of Opera Mini to access blocked websites. Because Opera Mini provides you access of any content from its own server instead of the server of the hosted website. Most of the websites will be loaded with the help of this method, the quality may vary if the website is highly Java scripted.

12: Utilizing Decimal conversion

If in case you are not accessible to the site you want to, you can covert the IP address of that site into its decimal equivalent address and enter into the address bar to get access. Search on google where to enter the IP address of the site for the sake of conversion into decimal, then enter the IP address of that site which you want to visit. Thus, your entered IP address will be converted into decimal. Now copy this decimal address into the address bar and press enter.


13: Internet Protocol Hiding

Users are blocked sometimes on particular IP addresses, which restricts them to visit a particular content. When this problem happens there are free software available online which are known as IP hiding tools, they hide the IP address and redirects you to the required website. And, in this way, you can easily access blocked websites in pakistan. Free versions of such software are available while paid versions are the most effective ones.

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