Jobs in Pakistan are normally not that hard to get if we follow the right strategy. CV is one of the major reasons some people don’t get the job despite having the required skills and talent. Making silly mistakes while making your CV for the first time is totally understandable. CV carries your nonverbal impression to the other end. When you apply for jobs online, people can’t judge you in person so here your CV plays a very critical role. It along with your skills shows some minor details about your communication skills, aptitude, and intellect. Few grammatical mistakes, over-stuffing of words, unrequired details, wrong CV format, and template always leave a bad impression.

Here are a few quick tips to make your CV stand-out:

Start with a personal statement

On top of your CV, right after your name, write something about yourself in which you briefly explain your capabilities. It must make the potential employer focus on your best attributes. Your personal statement should summarize your career goal. Add the things that instantly pitch the employer and convince him that you’re the most suitable and have all the right skills to excel in the desired sector.

Tailor your CV according to the job description

Always tailor your CV according to the job requirements that you’re applying for. For example, if you’re applying for a content writer job then make sure your CV is reflecting your interest in the same job.

Personal Information

Some advertised jobs in Pakistan are form international clients so your CV should include your basic information like your name and contact details and address. Make sure to spell your name correctly. Most important of all, your contact information must be jotted down professionally. For instance, while giving your email-id make sure it’s not some sort of nick or unreal name as that might be counted as non-serious attitude. If your mentioning your social media profile-link then your social media must be up-to-date and contain all your work information that you aim to deliver to the recruiter.

Choose the right Template

Choosing the right template is the first and the main step to make a good CV. As people usually judge the book by its cover so a cover should always be attractive. There are many online CV makers to help you out. Since CV is a very professional profile so keep in mind that your CV template should also have a formal look rather than going with a funky or gloomy.

Be Careful with the content

Be extra careful with the content you’re writing in your CV. Do check the spellings, grammatical errors, and any font mistakes. Do not overstuff it. Your CV should not exceed 2 pages, so try to keep it short and brief. Don’t repeat similar words over and over, be generous with your vocabulary. While sharing your academic information always start with the most recent degree you’ve done. Highlight the skills that you think you have mastered perfectly. And most important of all, always know what you have written in your CV and never write anything that you don’t know of.

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