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Professional Services Jobs in attockcity Pakistan

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Professional services vacancies are available in all around Pakistan, but mainly these professional services positions are available in major or big cities as the industries or factories or business hubs are mainly located in big cities of Pakistan. Professional services are occupations in the tertiary sector of the economy and it does require special training in the arts or sciences so these opportunities are for educated persons. Some professions do require professional licenses to provide professional services such as architects, auditors, engineers, doctors and lawyers. There are other professions who are providing specialist business support to businesses of all sizes and in all sectors and they do not require to hold professional licenses,  these professions can include tax advice/consultation, accounting, IT services, management, administration, HR etc. You need to get at least a graduation degree to get professional services job in attockcity to enter a renowned or good organizations. You then can get diplomas after your graduation in any specific field and can get the job in that field, but you may not be preferred in this case and if someone with a professional degree/qualification in that field also applied for that vacancy then he will be preferred.

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Now we will discuss some professional services posts and their general responsibilities, eligibility criteria.

Auditor Jobs in attockcity Pakistan

The Auditor is a professional job as it relates to an accounting / Finance department and you can do this job in both private or government sectors. You need to get the education in accounting or finance and then you can do additional diplomas or certifications in auditing to make yourself eligible for auditor job. General Job role in Pakistan for an Auditor is that he/she needs to conduct Audits and trainings as per ISO standards. You also need to have close follow up of planning of each audit, you need to check the notification of auditees, analysis and recommendation of each audit. You need to submit the audit plan to auditees and get approval from them. You also have to assist and work with other auditors or to senior auditors during the steps of preparation. After completion of audit receives the signed audit reports within reasonable due time from all stakeholders. Follow up the Corrective and Preventive actions is also included in your job role. The Auditor has to monitor the Corrective/Preventive actions taken by the organization and promote Opportunities for Improvement within the organization.

Network Administrator Jobs in attockcity Pakistan

You can get a professional job as a Network administrator, for this you need to do a Bachelors in computer sciences which is a professional degree.  Normally following are the job descriptions of a network administrator in Pakistan. You need to have experience and expertise in Cloud setup and management of the cloud setup or network of an organization. The network administrator also needs to know about cloud Monitoring and performance management, network disaster recovery and high availability management. You also need to work on network contingency plan management and a network administrator also have to do servers maintenance, back-up and upgradations as and when required. Email administration is also the responsibility of the network administrator. The network administrator also has to manage and support LAN and WAN network devices and it is his responsibility to implement approved network changes in accordance with applicable procedures. The network administrator also responsible for test and evaluate network systems to eliminate problems and make improvements.       A good network administrator proactively monitors network systems and facilities to detect service degradation and/or failures in power, communications equipment, software and hardware and also assist other groups in troubleshooting problems/end-user support. Network administrator's responsibility is to provide workstation and peripheral maintenance/software updates and support and he must have the ability to communicate technical information to non-technical personnel as this is a daily requirement in this field.

Finance Officer Jobs in attockcity Pakistan

The finance officer of an organization is responsible to maintain the accounts and cash flow of that organization, generally companies are looking for below mentioned qualities in a finance officer at the time of hiring.  The candidate must have the experience in Book Keeping and Accounts as this is the base of his/her other works. The finance officer should also have the expertise /knowledge of preparation of Books of accounts Cash Books, General Ledger and supporting ledgers and preparation of Financial Statements like Balance Sheet, P & L accounts. A good finance officer also has the experience in taxation matters to assist the taxation department in their activities or in some organizations it is the responsibility of the finance officer to look after the taxation matters as well. Depending upon the job nature, it is also the responsibility of the finance officer to make a deduction of withholding tax from payments of suppliers/service providers.  It is the responsibility of finance officer in some organization that he has to do Preparation of tax payment Challans and Online filing of monthly withholding statements. If you want to work in finance department you should be and expert user of Microsoft Office as it is the compulsory requirement in day to day activities. Especially in MS office the experience of advance Microsoft Excel is a must the ideal candidate must be familiar and have worked with Excel Formulas and Functions.

We can also add Doctors into professional service job in Pakistan as doctors are not only doing their duty, they are also doing social service for the community. A doctor can get a job in government hospitals and he/she can also work in private hospitals. Doctors also have their private clinics and they are earning from those clinics after or before their job timings in hospitals.

Professional service vacancies are easily available in Pakistan in large quantity, but you need to get yourself the qualification to become eligible for those professional services positions in attockcity Pakistan.