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Pakistan, Islamabad
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We are ArzMarketing, a real estate firm Located in Blue Area Islamabad.

We believe that sellers don’t have to pay a fortune to get the expertise they need to sell their home. That’s why we’ve re-engineered almost everything about selling real estate on your own – making it not only easier, but also much better.

Our approach, which has been developed over the past few years really works. We can say that because we’ve already helped nearly 100 sellers (just like you) save 100’s of thousands of Rupees in real estate commission.

By eliminating the listing agent altogether and working closely with real estate professionals, the process of selling a property becomes much more practical, flexible and rewarding (often resulting in costing sellers 10 times less money in the end). We think that’s pretty cool.

Instead of agents, we use a high tech / high touch service delivered by our affiliate real estate brokers (who are members of Arz Marketing) to connect you, certified professional appraisers, a unique answering and appointment booking service, and the very best real estate brokers in the country – making selling painless and more convenient than ever before.

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